Final eight: Boys varsity soccer succumbs to Hopkinton

Hallie Luo

The boys varsity soccer team travels to Hopkinton for its playoff match. After winning the two playoff games against Somerville and Marlborough, the team advanced into the final eight match against the Hopkinton Hillers. The Warriors were seeded No. 10 in the MIAA Division 2 tournament, while the Hillers were No. 2. After a tough first half, the scoreboard shined with a score of 2-2. The score remained a draw after the second half as no one scored additional goals, putting the team into sudden death overtime. However, even after double overtime, the score was still tied, causing the game to conclude with penalty kicks. Hopkinton was able to save one of Waylands penalty shots and secure themselves a spot in the state semifinal, ultimately ending Waylands season.