Top trends of winter 2023


Credit: Alyssa Ao

Join reporters Mischa Lee and Sierra Dale in an overview of this season’s fashion trends.

Mischa Lee and Sierra Dale

When the temperature plummets and the outdoor scenery shifts, trading tank tops and flip-flops for warm jackets and thick boots are a necessity. Luckily, this winter holds plenty of new fashion trends, ranging from articles of clothing to accessories and shoes. Here are some of this season’s best trends that will undoubtedly elevate your winter look.

Big scarves:

With the season’s frigid temperatures, you can always count on a good scarf to keep you warm. Scarves have always served as a fashionable accessory, and given that they’re essentially a piece of fabric, the styles are endless. Although you could never go wrong with this accessory, chunky, thick scarves are reentering the fashion space. These cozy scarves could be anything from an oversized and knitted scarf to a simpler fringe scarf. The best thing about this season’s scarf trend is the creative freedom with color it allows you to explore. Adding a scarf to your wardrobe can tie together a monochromatic look or be that daring pop of color you are looking for.

Puffer jackets:

While puffer vests are a trend every fall, the colder temperatures in winter call for puffer jackets. Puffer jackets are timeless and have been gaining popularity in recent years. One puffer jacket that has recently gone viral is The Super Puff from Aritzia. This jacket, which went viral on TikTok, comes in many different colors and styles. The bright-colored jackets can easily add a pop of color to a plain outfit, and a neutral colored one would be the perfect piece to wear to elevate an outfit while keeping you warm.

Chunky hoop earrings:

Regardless of your personal preference for silver or gold jewelry, chunky hoops are undeniably dominating social media. These large hoop earrings are very simple yet elegant pieces of jewelry that go with any outfit. As seen on TikTok, these pieces can elevate any look in a fashionable and cost-effective manner, as Amazon sells them at an inexpensive price. Moreover, these hoops come in all different sizes. You can style a small hoop with low-rise jeans paired with a knit sweater for a cozy night in, or choose a bold, big hoop with leather pants and a puffer jacket for a night out. Chunky hoops are a wonderful way to add personal style and dimension to any outfit and are essential for this season’s lookbook.

Tall boots:

Known as mens riding boots in the 15th century, tall boots have made a comeback now in the 21st century. Once the 1950s hit, knee-high and tall boots made it into the fashion industry and have not gone out of style since. Although knee-high boots are fashionable all year round, they’re best to wear during colder temperatures as they keep your legs warm. These shoes are mainly made out of different types of leather and come in many variations of colors and designs. You can buy these types of boots at Steve Madden or Nordstroms. On a chilly night out, wear these boots with a dress or a skirt with stockings to spice up your outfit.

Low-rise jeans:

Since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis invented “blue jean” in March of 1873, jeans have been a staple in wardrobes, only gaining popularity as the garment created new styles and trends. With the popularization of many different lengths of jeans throughout the years, low-rise jeans made their first appearance in the 1960s. This particular cut has ebbed in and out of popular fashion, making recurring comebacks with celebrities sporting the jean on the runway and the street. Low-rise jeans had their most iconic era in the early 2000s, though the trend died soon after. However, these jeans are making their comeback in the 2020s, with models such as Bella Hadid seen wearing the look. Low-rise jeans are a versatile piece that works with any top, from tank tops to sweaters. Stores such as Pacsun and Urban Outfitters sell low-rise jeans. With the classic look of blue jeans fashioned into a trending low-rise style these pants are perfect for this winter.