10 songs to add to your winter playlist

Abby Raftery and Morgen Warner

As the temperature continues to plummet, days grow darker and the school workload increases. Whether you are sad or happy that it’s winter, ​​here are ten songs that you should add to your winter playlist.

1. “All I Want Is You” by Miguel feat. J. Cole

Although this song came out in 2010, it has resurfaced this past year as a result of TikTok. Singer, J. Cole, reminisces on his past relationship, realizing how great his partner was now that they’re gone. These feelings of missing something that you once had can be related to the feeling of missing the warmer weather now that the temperatures have dropped. Despite the sad topic of the song, the tune of “All I Want Is You” feels happier, with a slow, steady beat.

2. “Winter” by Khalid

The song “Winter” by Khalid is about the idea of a summer romance. He sings about falling in love during summertime and how he deals with the heartbreak and sadness that comes along with the seasons changing. This song is a favorite of ours because it shares how it is normal for someone’s feelings to change due to the transition in seasons. This song starts off slow, but then a fun, upbeat chorus jumps in, making it the perfect song to play while driving through the winter air.

3. “Stay Next To Me” by Quinn XCII & Chelsea Cutler

Throughout the song “Stay Next To Me,” Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler navigate the difficult feelings that come with meeting new people. They showcase these emotions in the chorus when they sing, “We should go somewhere you choose, I don’t care as long as you’re right here stay next to me.” This is the perfect song to add to your winter playlist because the feelings that come along with winter can be difficult, and this song acts as a reminder that there are always people that will be there for you during the long, cold season.

4. “Satellite” by Harry Styles

Although “Satellite” was released last spring, we think it’s awesome to listen to during winter. Styles sings of going “’round and round,’” as he thinks about a past relationship, just as a satellite in space would. These thoughts are similar to those of one’s nonstop thoughts of spring, summer, fall and warmer weather. Similar to a busy winter school day, “Satellite” starts off slow and quiet, but as the song progresses, it becomes more energized and the use of different instruments, such as drums, becomes more frequent.

5. “LOVE.” by Kendrick Lamar

“LOVE.” by Kendrick Lamar is a song about confidence. In the beginning of the song, Lamar says, “give me a run for my money,” talking about being confident and loving yourself. Lamar wrote the song for his wife and sings about how he just wants to be with her no matter what. This song is great for your winter playlist because it brings listeners a feeling of calmness and comfort while also making you want to get up and dance.

6. “Snow on the Beach” by Taylor Swift

The combination of the song title and Taylor Swift and Lana Del Ray’s vocals make “Snow on the Beach” an obvious choice for this playlist. The opening sound of this song is bells, similar to those around the holidays, which instantly transports listeners into the winter months. Throughout the song, Swift sings about the feeling of falling in love with someone as they are simultaneously falling in love with her. She uses the words “weird” and “beautiful” to describe this feeling, just as seeing snow on a beach would make one feel. The relaxing vocals and melody make this the perfect song to listen to in the morning and as you start your day.

7. “16” by Baby Keem

“16” by Baby Keem immediately starts with a strong beat that stays constant throughout the duration of the song. The lyrics of “16” highlight Keem’s relationship with a woman with an unfortunate and troublesome upbringing. Due to the slow and steady beat of the song, this track is perfect to listen to as you finish up your homework or unpack your day on your drive home from school or work.

8. “Out of Time” by The Weeknd

Listeners will immediately settle into a calm and happy mood after hearing “Out of Time” by the Weeknd. The sounds of chimes and the deep piano notes throughout the song create a peaceful mood. The Weeknd samples “Midnight Pretenders” by Tomoko Aran as the background sound to his lyrics throughout the tune. He sings “gimme one chance, just a little | Baby, I’ll treat you right,” hoping that his ex-lover will go back to him. This song is perfect to listen to while sitting warmly by a fireplace.

9. Miss You by Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz

“Miss You” by Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz is a very upbeat and powerful song with techno aspects. The song, which went viral on TikTok, talks about how you are better off being alone than being in a toxic relationship. Tree sings about how he never wants to see or miss the person who treated him poorly again. The song is exhilarating and the perfect pump-up song for the better and brighter days of winter.

10. “Homesick” by Noah Kahan

Although Noah Kahan is more known for his popular song “Stick Season,” “Homesick” is a great song for any New Englander. Kahan says that growing up in New England is the reason he is the person he is. The happy-sad combination this song carries shares the feeling of leaving home for the first time to be on your own. The song feels tranquil at some points, yet upbeat at others, making it the perfect song for winter, bringing its listeners hope for the spring.