January’s Artist of the Month: Amartya Nagesha


Credit: Kris Poole-Evans

Senior Amartya Nagesha has always been focused on improving her singing skills. After joining the Honors Concert Choir, and taking numerous years of singing lessons, Nagesha has started applying to music colleges such as Berklee College of Music.

Kris Poole-Evans

Senior Amartya Nagesha has taken chorus classes since they were available to her at Wayland High School. This year, she is enrolled in the Honors Concert Choir and also does private vocal training outside of school. Nagesha’s future is full of singing as she has been working on her applications to different music schools.

What makes singing so special to you?

“Singing was something that came so easy to me. I don’t think I could imagine my school life without singing.”

How did you learn how to sing?

“We all have to start somewhere, and there was a time when I was glued to my phone screen and researching those ‘how to sing’ videos. A lot of people think that singing has to be public, and I think that’s a fact that can scare people away from starting to sing. But honestly, you can learn however you want. I used to hate singing in front of other people, and now I look for any opportunity to do it. Everything started from a YouTube video.”

How time consuming is singing?

“I guess it’s time-consuming, but it’s hard to really call it that. I have to practice every single day for two hours. On the piano, or just singing, I’m always working on something. Usually my vocal training is only 45 minutes to an hour a week. I’m going to music school, so now I’m getting more involved, which means more songs, more training. It can be pretty tough.”

What advice do you have to someone who is trying to get better at singing?

“What I say to everyone, practice. Get someone to help you too, getting advice or feedback from other people, even if it’s something small, it really helps. Mrs. Carroll is helping me with my college applications for music schools and she’s super helpful. She loves to spread her love for singing to anyone she can, and she’s just super nice and easy to talk to.”

Is there a song you love performing?

“Oh, great question. It’s one hundred percent ‘Summertime’ by Ella Fitzgerald. It’s a jazz song, but you can really stylize it and make it your own, like if I wanted to audition with a classical piece, I would use ‘Summertime’ but, just change the vibe. It’s so versatile. It’s hard to put into words just how great that song is.”

Is there a song you hate performing?

“Jeez, yeah, anything by Adele. Adele is super overplayed, unoriginal and boring. I know a lot of [Adele songs] by heart, and can play a few of them piano, but I’d never audition with one. There are so many fantastic songs you could use. I’ll never understand the appeal.”

How long term do you see singing being for you?

“I’m still figuring things out, but I know I definitely want to keep music long term. I’m not sure if I want to go straight into making my own music, but as long as I’m singing, I’m happy. Music is my life. I want singing to be as long term as possible.”