Top trending accessories


Credit: Melina Barris

Join reporters Misha Lee and Melina Barris as they share their favorite trending accessories.

Melina Barris and Mischa Lee

With many fashion styles coming and going, it’s always good to know what’s trending. Recently, different accessories have been circulating the fashion scene. Here are some of the most popular accessories right now that will make you look cute and chic.

While headbands became a part of fashion in the 1900s, it wasn’t until the 80s and 90s that their popularity skyrocketed. However, in the late 2010s, wearing headbands for fashion saw a decline — until now. Athletic headbands never went out of style, but fashion headbands recently reentered the fashion industry, bringing a fun touch to any outfit. There have been many different styles of headbands throughout the years, ranging from thin and plastic ones, chunkier ones with pearls and, most commonly, simple black cloth headbands. Headbands pull an outfit together while also keeping your hair out of your eyes.

Statement earrings:
Earrings have always been a popular accessory, yet they recently became a statement piece for many outfits. From big chunky gold hoops to large pearl studs, many people wear earrings. Coming in a variety of sizes and styles, Amazon is a great online store to purchase affordable statement earrings. Earrings easily match with any outfit, and if you want them to stand out, there are various fashionable options to wear. They will make any look sparkle.

Ribbons first became a fashion statement in the 17th and 18th centuries. They were sewn onto dresses and tied around hats. Surprisingly enough, they’ve become very popular again with the recent trend of ballet core and coquette aesthetics. Clothing companies have started to sew ribbons on clothing, and ribbons are also gaining popularity as accessories. People have started to wear ribbons as necklaces around their necks and as bows in their hair. Ribbons make an outfit look classy and also add a sprinkle of elegance.

Trucker hats:
With the weather warming and spring around the corner, summer hats coming back again. Hats are used to protect your eyes and face from the sun, but they also add a fun element to a plain outfit. Many people wear baseball hats, sun hats, visors and now, trucker hats too. Trucker hats come in many different designs, colors and prints. They are similar to a baseball hat, but have a foam fabric rather than cotton or wool. They are usually brightly colored and have a small design or the name of a place on them. You can often find them at little boutiques near the beach, but also on online stores like Etsy. Since they are both protecting you and elevating your outfit, trucker hats really are the perfect accessory.

Vintage sunglasses:
Sunglasses are an accessory that will never go out of style and can be worn all year round. Whether the temperature is hot or cold, if the sun is out, sunglasses are on. Just like trucker hats, sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun and add style to your outfit. Recently, sunglass styles from the 70s and 90s have made a comeback. You can find the longer shape shades with a tinted lens’ at many online stores. Amazon has a wide selection of them. Vintage sunglasses styles are bouncing back, bringing a sense of the past back into the present.

Claw clips:
Claw clips are big hair clips that keep your hair up and out of your face. These hair holders blew up with the ‘VSCO girl’ aesthetic and have been trending ever since. They are extremely helpful accessories for a quick and cute hairstyle when you’re on the go. There are tons of stores that have affordable claw clips that variety in color and size. A popular hairstyle with a claw clip is a half-up half-down look. Claw clips go with any outfit and are the go-to accessory for any event.