News Brief: Green Team holds Earth Week


Credit: Nadya Chase

Wayland High School’s Green Team hosts Earth Week from Monday, April 10 until Friday, April 14. During Earth Week, the Green Team will hold several activities surrounding environmentalism.

Nadya Chase

From Monday, April 10 until Friday, April 14, the Wayland High School Green Team will hold Earth Week. Throughout Earth Week, the Green Team will hold several Earth-related activities to raise awareness about the importance of respecting the environment.

After the success of the Slow Fashion Show and the start of composting, the Green Team decided to host Earth Week to increase conversations around environmentalism.

“Getting the community invested in environmentalism is always one of our biggest goals,” Green Team leader Kaylee Mai said. “It shows that the community cares about taking care of itself.”

Throughout the week, students will have the opportunity to enter a photo competition, in which they can submit environment-related photographs for a chance to win gift cards. The Green Team will also hold a trash pick-up event in the parking lot, a seed fundraiser and a walk, bike or carpool to school day.

Two guest speakers will present during Earth Week. During fifth and sixth block on Monday, author and former WHS parent Sabine von Mering, along with author Alexander Repenning, will present on their book “Beginning To End the Climate Crisis” and discuss the effects of climate change. During second block on Wednesday, current Wayland parent and Energize Wayland creator Kaat Vander Straeten will present on composting. Students will only be able to attend these presentations if they are signed up beforehand by their teacher.

“Earth Week will spread awareness about the environment by offering ways for people to actively participate in environmentalism,” Mai said. “The speakers will give some students a break from their normal classes to confront real issues that climate activists are trying to address right now. The trash pickup and walk, bike or carpool to school day gives an opportunity for people to contribute to bettering their environment. The seed fundraiser will go straight back into funding Green Team activities for next year.”

Green Team leaders hope to have another Earth Week held next year, and they are excited about everything this year’s Earth Week will bring.

“I hope people participate in the activities and try some things out,” Mai said. “There’s little commitment and no need to shell out any cash to join in on the events.”