Timeless vs. trending fashion styles


Credit: Carolina Sdoia

Join WSPN’s Carolina Sdoia and Jessi Dretler as they determine whether fashion styles are trendy or timeless.

Carolina Sdoia and Jessi Dretler

Fashion trends are always coming and going. They usually last a few months, but some trends stick and become timeless looks. Timeless fashion is when clothing items are not affected by the passage of time, and trending fashion is when clothing items are only popular for a certain period of time. YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain has discussed this topic numerous times on her podcast, “Anything Goes.” Inspired by Chamberlain, we will discuss whether we think certain clothing items and accessories are trendy or timeless.

From cowboys in the 19th century to sustainable fashion sensations today, denim has always been a fashion necessity. Whether it’s a denim dress or skirt, pants or shorts and top or jacket, denim never goes out of style. Depending on how you choose to style denim, it can be used as a statement piece or worn to dress down an outfit. Denim has and will forever will be a timeless cloth.

Neon colors
Neon colors can either be very stylish or very unpleasant to the eye. Due to its vibrant and overwhelming shades, this 80s trend is pretty difficult to style in modern times. In recent years, some have worn neon colors to resemble a highlighter, and it’s also often seen in a party setting. The trend is difficult to pull off, therefore, these neon colors are trendy.

Although this shoe brand started in the 80s, it’s still being seen today. The brand’s shoe items range from high-top, mid-top and low-top sneakers, all of which continue to be worn as the brand grows. However, new trends of this timeless item have recently surfaced, for example: patterned converse, platform converse or bold-colored converse. These shoes can be styled with almost every outfit. Converse are a timeless shoe and a necessity for your closet.

Since the 1700s, pearls have been a very popular jewel to wear, and they continue to be a staple accessory today. Pearls are an elegant accessory that can be seen as a necklace, earring or a bracelet. When going to a fancy event, pearls can make an outfit look tasteful. Pearls can also be worn with casual everyday outfits, adding a touch of glam. Pearls have always been the perfect addition to any outfit, making them a timeless accessory.

Matching sets:
Over the years, the fashion industry has seen clothing sets going in and out of style. From matching denim sets to comfortable pajama sets, sets are a great on-the-go and easy look. Matching workout-sets and silk pajama sets have become a new fad. Right now, a few matching sets in your closet would be a great addition to your wardrobe. For these reasons, matching sets are a trend rather than timeless look.

The shoe brand Ugg has been around forever. The most popular Ugg are a warm winter boot style with a slipper-like feel. As the years go on, various styles of Uggs come into the fashion world. In the past, a high boot style was in style, but recently, the lower boot cuts known as the Ugg Mini, or slipper Uggs, have been in the fashion scene. The Ugg brand is timeless, but the different styles of Uggs are trendy.