Top trending vacation outfits


Credit: Mischa Lee

Join reporter Mischa Lee as she talks about the top trending vacation outfits.

Mischa Lee

With the last day of school being right around the corner, some start to look for fun and cute outfits to bring on summer vacation. Here are a few summer clothing trends that have been trending all over social media and will be perfect for your next getaway.

Two-piece sets
Whether you are going for a simple and fancy look on vacation, a two-piece set is always the way to go. Whether it’s for a night out or for a stroll during the day, there is a set that fits every occasion. There are many mini skirt and tube top sets that are very cute. Some two-piece sets are more colorful or have more of a pattern, but others are simpler. There are some fancier sets with longer skirts and even workout sets made of athletic material. Whichever set you choose to wear, you are guaranteed to look stylish and chic.

Graphic tees
Graphic tees are a great staple piece because they are so easy to wear. Some graphic tees are colorful with fun patterns while others have muted tones. The graphics on these shirts are often of band names or are a cute saying or quote. These shirts are perfect for wearing on top of a bathing suit, wearing as a tunic or wearing as pajamas. They can be worn literally anywhere. Graphic tees are definitely a necessity to bring on your next vacation.

Sundresses are one of my personal favorite summer items to wear. Whether it be on a sitting on beach during sunset or walking around the streets in town, the thin and breathable material of sundresses makes them easy to wear anywhere. Sundresses come in all different sorts of colors and designs, and always have a very flattering look to it. Some of my favorites sundresses are from Free People, Princess Polly and Revolve. Pair any sundress with a pair of sunglasses and sandals and you’ll be good to go.

Tube tops
Tube tops have always been in style. However, solid colored ones are going out of style as patterned ones are starting to come in.  Tube tops can easily be dressed up or down. You can pair a tube top with a skirt, shorts or pants, and you’ll have a classy and fun outfit in no time. Recent trending tube tops that I’ve seen have little cutouts, designs or a little scrunch in the middle. Whichever style to tube top you choose to bring with you on vacation, will definitely go to use.

Button down shirts
If you need a thin, cute piece of clothing to throw on top of anything, a button down shirt is just the right item. Button downs are  great for everyone due to their light and airy material. They are also very comfortable. Button down tops have been trending as a cute beach cover up, but I have also seen it being dressed up. You can easily throw on a button down on top up with some cutoff jeans on bottom to wear out to dinners. You can find button down tops at almost any clothing store as they are usually in the mens section. Some people also choose to thrift old button down tops if they are looking for a quick coverup.

A pair of overalls is the perfect piece of clothing to put on when you just want to get up and go. Overalls can easily be thrown on on top of a bathing suit or a tank top. Overalls come in both long lengths and short lengths, and they come incolors like white, black or the basic blue. Overalls are the perfect denim piece for summer because they’re convenient and comfortable to throw on for a busy day out.