Students roll blue bins as recycling efforts continue

Jennifer Adler

If you ever stay after school on a Wednesday afternoon, you have probably seen some students rolling huge blue bins around the campus. Who are these students? They are the students of our school’s Recycling Club. Once a week before sports and extracurricular activities, these students go from building to building, picking up papers and other recyclable objects, and making sure that they are properly recycled.

“I recycle because it is really important for the environment. Many other schools have recycling facilities, which our school needs,” said Emily Kopp, co-president of the club.

Recycling Club is relatively new to WHS. It was created last year when a small group of students noticed that Wayland students were not encouraged to recycle and that there were no facilities to do so. A few recycling bins that had been scattered around campus gave false hope to students and faculties because, in actuality, papers and such were simply being thrown away.

Today, with the help from the club’s adviser Ms. Rainoff, members promote recycling to all students and staff members by putting recycling bins in classrooms and making signs encouraging people to recycle.

Danielle Smith, co-president of the recycling club, talks about the future plans for the club. “We plan on purchasing more blue bins for each classroom to ensure that people recycle their paper. We also want to inform more people on the importance of recycling.”

Recycling Fun Fact:
“Every year, enough paper is thrown away to make a 12-foot wall from New York to California.” – To find more of these facts, check out