Orange and Black Shack hosts school-wide egg hunt

Elena Erdekian

Above, is a poster advertising the school wide egg hunt hosted by the Orange and Black Shack. Eggs were scattered throughout the school on Thursday, March 27 and contained small prizes. “We need a way to excite our customers and have an easy, fun event to draw attention to the store,” said school store employee Genna Cuititta.

Thursday, March 27, the Orange and Black Shack hosted their first annual school-wide egg hunt. Plastic eggs filled with small prizes and goodies were hidden in various locations around the school. The winner of the ultimate prize, the golden egg, was awarded with a t-shirt.

Some eggs were located behind printers, books and in Student Learning Centers. According to school store employee Genna Cutitta, the golden egg was located behind the door of the history department.

“It was sort of just to have fun, to build awareness of the school store and to also just have the small competition of the prizes,” said school store employee Alexander Tsipis.

Inside the eggs you could find either a Hershey Kiss or a school store coupon for one dollar off any item in the clear bins. The coupons also said to follow the school store on Facebook and Twitter. The one golden egg was large, spray painted gold and could be turned in for an ‘Easter egg hunt champion’ t-shirt.

“It was really fun to look for them around school and win,” said sophomore Jillian Skowronski.

According to Tsipis, the egg hunt drew a lot of traffic to the school store, which caused an increase in sales.

“I think it should continue for the next few years because it was a fun idea,” said Skowronski.

The egg hunt also benefited the school store by increasing the amount of likes on their Facebook page and follows on their Twitter account.

“It went down well; it was executed perfectly and everyone did what they were supposed to do,” said Tsipis.