Fall Play Preview

Nandita Subbiah and Julia Reck

Above is a previous WHSTE production. "It’s kind of elegant, how even though you might have some people that wanted other people's characters or roles, you still have this kind of respect to let them work, and wish them the best," said sophomore Clara Lagor.

This fall, WHSTE is presenting a comedy play called “On the Razzle” by Tom Stoppard. This is different from previous years when the fall play would be written by WHSTE members.

“In the past, we would write an original piece for the fall, but we thought we would do something different this year,” senior Jonah Camiel,the production manager and the lighting designer for the play, said. “We wanted to do another comedy, so we looked around, and Mr. Weingartner brought up this piece. A few of us on staff gave input on the piece, and the final decision was made to produce it after we had secured the licensing to perform it.”

Rehearsals started earlier this month, and the performances of the play will start on Nov. 11 and continue to Nov. 15.

Sophomore Clara Lagor explained the premise of the play.

“You have two characters, Weinberl and Christopher, and they kind of have this idea to just go on the razzle, throwing caution to the wind, and go out into the world, which is the main premise that the whole show revolves around,” Lagor said. Lagor is playing several characters in the play.

“[The play] is really complicated and funny. There’s a lot of wordplay, and it’s got a ton of characters that are all kind of running around and confusing each other. It’s really cool,” sophomore Clare Lippincott said. Lippincott is the costume designer for the play.

Cast and crew members said that preparing the play involves a lot of work.

“Each show presents itself with its own set of challenges,” Camiel said. “For example, this show calls for a horse. Things like budget, time and number of staff and crew are always a challenge. A big thing that is always becoming an issue is the fact that we are trying to put on a professional quality performance in a high school. We are always having to move set pieces out of the theater for an assembly or having to find more storage space. Even stupid things like people being around during our final few rehearsals and walking around backstage can cause big problems,”

“All of the actors go through the process of going [to the auditorium] every day of the week, including Saturdays, to really work on scenes and think about the characters,” Lagor said.

Despite the challenges, both Camiel and Lagor described preparing the play as a positive experience.

“There’s this tone amongst all these actors and performers here that we have a decent amount of respect for one another,” Lagor said, “It’s kind of elegant, how even though you might have some people that wanted other peoples’ characters or roles, you still have this kind of respect to let them work, and wish them the best.”

“The thing I am most excited about this show is seeing the audience reaction,” Camiel said, “That is usually my favorite part, especially during a heavy effect sequence or cool set change because we get to create a world that they are transported into, and I love seeing how they interpret what we have built for them. I look forward to this even more with this show because of its great comedy.”

Weinberl – Sten Shearer
Christopher – Melissa Smith
Zangler – Tim Spinale
Melchior – Thomas Leacu
Sonders – Tommy Lewis
Marie – Tori Gitten
Madame Knore – Olivia Goddard
Mrs. Fischer – Katie Cundari
Child shopping with child/German woman/Ragamuffin – Clara Lagor
Mother shopping with child/Scots Woman – Melinda Kalanzis
Customer at Counter/Woman at Table – Kate Brown
Arguing Lady/Fashionable Woman in Restaurant – Kira Ryter
Gertrud – Catriona Oliver
Miss Blumenblatt – Larissa Sehringer
Coachman – Parker Bryant
Lisette – Veronika Golod
Belgian Foreigner/Hupfer/Waiter Two/Lightning the Horse – Jackson DiIanni
Philippine/Fashionable Woman in Restaurant – Naiya Davis
Customer at Mme Knore’s/Waiter One – Andrea Ponce
Man on the street/Constable – Omar Rios
German Man/Scots Man/Lightning the Horse – Tyler Johnsen