Wayland Public Schools participates in first Wayland Connects Day

Elena Erdekian

Today, Wayland Public Schools are taking part in the first-ever Wayland Connects Day, a day dedicated to family connection. “By three, you get home at the latest at 3:30 p.m., and most of your parents probably won’t be home from work yet, so you have a little time to get ready and hopefully do something,” said Dean of Students Scott Parseghian.

The Wayland Public School system is participating in the first Wayland Connects Day today, Wednesday, Oct. 22. Wayland Connects Day is a day when all schools in the district, K-12, can spend time with their families without the stress of any homework or sports games.

The day is modeled after the Needham Public School system, which has an entire month devoted to connecting with others and minimizing the use of electronics through a campaign called “Needham Unplugged.” Although they also have one sports and homework free night, each day during the campaign there is a recommended activity related to spending time with peers and not using electronics.

On Wayland Connects Day, teachers are not allowed to assign homework or have tests, quizzes or projects due the following day. All sports games have been moved to other dates, and sports teams are not allowed to practice beyond 3 p.m..

However, according to Parseghian, sports teams are still allowed to have optional practices because many teams need to prepare for the state playoffs.

Before Wayland Connects Day, all teachers were emailed the guidelines for Wayland Connects Day and are expected to follow them.