News Brief: WHSTE announces cast for spring musical

Nandita Subbiah

Pictured above is WHSTE's musical last year, "Beauty and the Beast." This year's musical is "Footloose."

The Wayland High School Theater Ensemble has announced the cast for this year’s spring musical, “Footloose.” There will be performances of the musical on April 29, April 30, May 1 and May 2. “Footloose” is the story of a teenager named Ren McCormack who moves to the small town of Bomont, where the preacher is trying to ban dancing after losing his son in a car crash which he believed was the result of music. It was previously known as a movie and before being adapted into a musical. Auditions took place at the beginning of February.

“We’ll be learning dance steps and lyrics for the songs. We’ve already started memorizing lines, and we’ll definitely be staging and rehearsing scenes as well as doing some character work,” freshman and cast member Melinda Kalanzis said. “It’s important that everyone has a really good grasp of who their character is.”

Cast list:
Ren McCormack/Dance Ensemble: Tommy Lewis
Ethel McCormack/Dance Ensemble: Catriona Oliver
Reverend Shaw Moore/Ensemble: Tim Spinale
Vi Moore/Ensemble: Katie Cundari
Ariel Moore/Dance Ensemble: Tori Gitten
Lulu Warnicker/Ensemble: Olivia Goddard
Wes Warnicker/Jeter-Garvin/Ensemble: Thomas Leacu
Coach Dunbar/Ensemble: Parker Bryant
Eleanor Dunbar/Ensemble: Larissa Sehringer
Rusty/Dance Ensemble: Isabel Pongratz
Urleen/Dance Ensemble: Megan O’Keeffe
Wendy Jo/Dance Ensemble: Melissa Smith
Chuck Cranston/Dance Ensemble: Omar Rios
Lyle/Dance Ensemble: Jackson DiIanni
Travis/Dance Ensemble: Lyle Foster
Principal/Ensemble: Naiya Davis
Cop/Dance Ensemble: Latoya Nurse
Betty Blast/Dance Ensemble: McKenzi Thompson
Willard/Dance Ensemble: Tyler Johnsen
Bickle/Dance Ensemble: Abby McCarthy
Cowboy Bob/Dance Ensemble: Ryan Kelley
Cowboy Bob’s Band/Cowgirls/Choir/Dance Ensemble: Jessica DeMasi & Sophia Calder (dance captain)
“Boy” (girl) 1/Dance Ensemble: Veronika Golod (dance captain)
“Boy” (girl) 2/Dance Ensemble: Andrea Ponce
“Boy” (girl) 3/Dance Ensemble/Choir: Sharmila Mysore
Council Member/Choir/Ensemble: Melinda Kalanzis
Council Member/Ensemble: Kira Ryter