Nick Morgan breaks Wayland Hockey record

Meg Trogolo

Above, Morgan plays against Watertown in the third round of the MIAA state tournament. Morgan recently broke a Wayland High School record by scoring his 120th point. “For him to break the record is something special. He’s a special player," said head coach Ryan Murray.

Senior Nick Morgan broke a Wayland High School hockey record by scoring his 120th point during a game against Marlborough on February 18. The previous record of 119 points was held by Mark Shepard, who graduated in 1973.

“Going into it I wasn’t really focused on breaking the record, I was just playing, and after it happened, I got back to the bench, and it hit me,” Morgan said. “I didn’t really know much about [the record] until about a week before it. I was going through the Wayland history, the hall of fame of sports at the high school, and I came across it.”

Morgan, a team captain, finished his WHS career with 131 points, 51 of those points coming in the 2015 season.

“I really thought he came on strong at the end,” head coach Rian Murray said. “In addition he was captain this year, he had to take on some additional responsibilities, which he did a fantastic job of. For him to break the record is something special. He’s a special player.”

The Wayland boys’ hockey team lost to Watertown in the third round of the tournament on March 3, ending their playoff run. Their record in the regular season was 11-2-2.

There were eight seniors on the team, four of whom, including Morgan, were captains.

“They just showed them and taught them what Warrior hockey’s all about, and they brought a culture of winning with them and a great attitude all year,” Murray said.

Athletic director Stephen Cass saw a historical significance in the new record, mentioning the strong Wayland hockey teams of the early 1970s and the culture of sports in the Boston area at that time.

“Those were really the glory years for Wayland hockey, probably until the last couple years when we’ve had some success,” Cass said. “Hockey was it, and the Bruins were the number one team around. Hockey was a big deal in Massachusetts then. We didn’t have lacrosse, and there weren’t many soccer teams around.”

Cass also expressed pride in Morgan’s overall athletic accomplishments. Morgan finished second in the individual section of the state high school golf championship.

“[Morgan] led our team to the state championships in golf, and he’s also out there playing hockey. In an era where kids play more than one sport, it’s great that Nick has been able to accomplish so much and play multiple sports. I think that makes him a role model for other athletes in Wayland.”