New music lab to open next year

Thomas Chan

Pictured above is the chorus room. A new music lab is going to open up next year thanks to a grant from the Wayland Public Schools Foundation. "I am beyond excited! It is our hope that students take advantage of these tools and explore the possibilities,” Susan Memoli said.

After recently receiving a grant from the Wayland Public Schools Foundation (WSPF), a new music lab will be opened up in the multipurpose Choral Room.

The music lab will include new keyboards, software and electronic hybrid instruments. This new software will be integrated into existing courses, such as music theory and songwriting, and new courses, like music production. It will also be open for other groups, such as the a cappella groups or other students.

“The stations will be linked together for communication and collaboration,” fine arts department head Susan Memoli said. “The composing, creating and arranging software will allow for the most cutting edge sound creation, composition, production and mixing.”

The grant funded by WSPF is entitled “Sound Innovation,” allowing the lab design, equipment and bringing the K-12 music staff up to speed with newer technology.

It opens up possibilities for other areas as well, such as computer programming, video game music composition and social media marketing, producing and creating.

“This lab bridges the gap between what students learn in traditional general music courses and what they need to know and be able to do to be prepared for college or a career in these exploding fields,” Memoli said.

The administration and other faculty members are also excited about the new opportunities for students that are being opened up with this grant.

“We researched and could not find any other high schools that have the capabilities that the WHS Music Tech Lab will have. Students will have opportunities with no limits. I am beyond excited. It is our hope that students take advantage of these tools and explore the possibilities,” Memoli said. “Now we can take the theory of music and apply it to the future of music.”

The infrastructure is currently being ordered. It was designed by a consultant from Berklee College of Music.

The overall reaction has generally been positive.

“I am excited that all students will have the opportunity to create in the lab, whether they have a lot of musical experience or very little,” band director Joseph Oneschuk said.

Choral director Rachel Carroll further elaborated, “I’m ecstatic. This opens up so many opportunities for our students.”