Allie Kunen: I never really thought of it as something that I would use every day

Angela Park

Picture above are s’mores cups that were featured on junior Allie Kunen’s foodstagram. Kunen discusses her foodstagram account and its recent popularity. “I never really thought of it as something that I would use everyday,” Kunen said.

Pictures of sandwiches, sushi, pastries, pizza and countless other treats can be found on junior Allie Kunen’s food Instagram, _lovef00d.

Kunen activated her account last spring, but she only started actively using it mid-October of 2014, combining her love for food and photography.

“I never really thought of it as something that I would use every day,” Kunen said.

Her account now has over 3,200 followers and features over 380 posts. Kunen posts about two times a day, regularly taking out her phone at meals to snap a photo.

“I just post whatever I’ve recently eaten, or if there’s a special event coming up, like a graduation, I’ll post a cake or something,” Kunen said. “I just post something that’s relevant to my life I guess.”

Kunen also re-posts other accounts’ photos, crediting their names in the caption. Recently, Kunen has also been trying to change up her account by adding puns and funny captions to her photos.

Kunen’s foodstagram (food Instagram) had a slow start. It gained momentum after some of her photos were re-posted by big accounts, such as “foodintheair,” which currently has 209,000 followers.

“It grew pretty slowly at the beginning. I would gain maybe one follower a day but then lose ten in the same day,” Kunen said. “I go on now, and I have like 100 notifications.”

Foodstagrams have become one of the latest trends for teens. Kunen believes it has to do with how widespread technology is nowadays.

“I think it just has to do with how technology is becoming so popular in general,” Kunen said. “People are always on their phone while they’re eating, so it kind of just happens.”

She didn’t expect her account’s popularity on Instagram, but Kunen is nonetheless pleased.

“It feels pretty cool honestly because I never thought it would become something that I actually put time into,” Kunen said. “Now that it’s come so far, I am pretty proud of it, and it’s something that I definitely want to continue in the future.”