Zander Bobronnikov: InSize is a web platform that solves the problem of variance in interbrand sizing


Credit: Courtesy of Zander Bobronnikov

Above is an inside look at the app InSize. Senior Zander Bobronnikov coded InSize to solve the problem of interbrand sizing inconsistency. “You may be a small in Nike for shirts, but you may be a medium in Adidas, and you wouldn’t know,” Bobronnikov said.

Anyone who has shopped for clothes, in stores or online, knows the struggle of finding the right size. Constantly changing in and out of shirts and returning mailed packages can get tiring. Senior Zander Bobronnikov recognized this problem and set out to fix it.

Over this past summer, Bobronnikov created the app InSize.

“InSize is a web platform that solves the problem of variance in interbrand sizing,” Bobronnikov said. “You may be a small in Nike for shirts, but you may be a medium in Adidas, and you wouldn’t know when you’re shopping online because you don’t usually know your size in every brand.”

Users enter their body type and measurements once, and from there, InSize will calculate their size in other brands. So far, 30 brands for both males and females are entered in its database, but more are continuously being added.

Bobronnikov created the app at a four-week summer entrepreneurship program at MIT called Launch. There, he learned the basics of entrepreneurship and was grouped into a team of three to create a business.

“First we had to think of five interests or trends, and then we had to think of five problem areas within each one of those and then come up with 30 ideas,” Bobronnikov said. “I had recently gotten a shirt that was the wrong size, so I just came up with the idea through that.”

He and his teammates, students Nate Friedman and Rohan Shah, followed through on his idea and spent the rest of the program working on market research. Afterwards, Bobronnikov coded the app in four days, and InSize was officially launched about a week ago. Bobronnikov stands as the chief technology officer. Friedman and Shah are respectively the chief executive officer and the chief financial officer.

Shown above is the list of shirt brands available on InSize.
Credit: Courtesy of Zander Bobronnikov
Shown above is a section of the list of shirt brands available on InSize.

InSize can be downloaded from the App Store for free.

“It’s been doing pretty well. We’re getting a fair amount of users,” Bobronnikov said. “People are using it, liking it, and reviewing it.”

Though the app is free, Bobronnikov, Friedman, and Shah have a few streams of revenue. When users click a brand, they are brought to its site to shop. Bobronnikov and his partners are talking to companies, negotiating to get a percentage of whatever users sent by InSize spend during that session.

They are also collecting data on customer purchases in hopes of selling this information back to companies for a profit. Lastly, they are contemplating making it an option for clothing companies to pay to have their name displayed higher on the list of brands on the app.

“We are expecting to make $10,000 by the end of this year,” Bobronnikov said.

Bobronnikov has been coding since sixth grade, and he doesn’t plan to stop after InSize. He sees app development as a possible career option, and he’s already discussing creating apps with students at Wayland High School in the near future.

“I plan on making more apps,” Bobronnikov said. “I’m already talking to a few people about doing one for my senior project.”

To download InSize, click here.