Rosa Vitiello: “I have learned how to put trust in my teammates in all the sports I play”


Above is a picture of junior Rosa Vitiello's frisbees. Vitiello has been playing frisbee since she was eight years old and is a co-founder of the WHS Frisbee Club. "From frisbee, I have learned how to put trust in my teammates in all the sports I play," Vitiello said.

Junior Rosa Vitiello may be known for playing soccer and track for Wayland High School, but in her free time she has a passion for playing frisbee. She and two other WHS students have formed a new school frisbee club this year.

Vitiello began playing frisbee when she was around eight years old. Her brother played on the former Wayland High School frisbee club team and taught her how to play, so he could have someone to throw with.

During her freshman year, Vitiello began to play in the Boston Ultimate Frisbee Association (BUDA). She played on a travel team that practiced around twice a week and competed once a week. Occasionally Vitiello played in weekend jamboree-like tournaments.

“The league was pretty competitive, but it was really just about playing frisbee and having fun,” Vitiello said.

She enjoys the community of frisbee the most. In frisbee, there are no referees, and the entire game is played using the honor code. When there are disputes between the two teams, they will talk it out and settle it.

“I think that’s cool and makes frisbee unique,” Vitiello said. “To be a good frisbee player, you have to be skilled and have good sportsmanship.”

Through frisbee, Vitiello has learned skills that have helped her in other sports.

She’s learned general concepts of cutting and creating space, which has helped her when playing soccer. She has also learned how to be a part of a team.

“Some players can be very talented, but they still have to rely on other teammates to score points and play defense,” Vitiello said. “From frisbee, I have learned how to put trust in my teammates in all the sports I play.”

She plans to play on a BUDA team this spring. After high school, Vitiello plans on playing on a college frisbee team or a mixed club team.

As of this fall, Vitiello and two other Wayland High School juniors, Alexander Li and Andrew Ludwig, have formed a frisbee club at WHS. They plan on practicing twice a week during the fall and the spring. If the club gains enough interest, they plan on joining a spring league which would compete against other local high schools.

“If anyone wants to learn how to play, they should come to one of our practices,” Vitiello said. “Frisbee is a great game and no experience is needed to join.”