WSPN looks into the latest fall fashion (18 photos)

Aimee LaRochelle and Jackie Stoller

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With the warm sunny days in our past and the cold New England mornings in our future, it is time to change what we wear. Many trends have stayed the same from last year, and there are new ones that will make all the difference in your outfits. This guide to fall fashion will help you look cute and on trend while still staying warm and cozy. Each piece will be a staple in your wardrobe that can be incorporated with your individual and unique style.

#1- Oversized sweaters:

With the freezing cold morning temperatures, an oversized sweater is a must. It will protect you from the New England weather, and you will be looking super cute along the way. Oversized sweaters have been in style for the past few years, and they’re great because they’re cute and comfy.  

#2- Ripped jeans:

Ripped jeans are always a great idea because here in New England the weather always seems to change throughout the day. Early in the morning, it is almost always chilly, but as the day goes on, the temperature can rise up to 20 degrees. Ripped jeans give you the comfort and warmth that you need, while still being breezy. Plus, you can match the color of the rips to your top. For example, if the rips on your jeans are white, you can wear a white top and it’ll bring your whole outfit together.

#3- Army Green Parkas:

Army green parkas are one of this fall’s biggest trends. They give off a grungy, effortless look while still keeping you warm and toasty. Army green is one of the trendiest fall colors this season because it looks cute with almost anything — from army green skinnies to oversized pullovers.

#4- Joggers:

Joggers (tighter, cropped sweatpants with cuffs at the bottom and a drawstring) are just coming into style, and they are perfect for when you want to look cute but also be comfortable. They look great with plain monochrome v-neck tees and casual sneakers.

#5- Puffer vests:

Puffer vests are popular all year around. They look great with a scarf and boots. At WHS, most people wore black, brown and gray vests last spring. Now, students are wearing not only those colors but also bolder and more vibrant ones. If you go with a bright or bold color, it is best to wear a solid and basic shirt underneath to balance it out.

#6- Scarves:

Scarves are very in style right now. A bright color will be perfect for a warm fall day and will add a pop to your outfit. When it’s colder out, a thick, knit scarf will protect you from the weather. Scarves are a great way to tie your outfit together, and they look great with sweaters and boots.

#7- Stripes:

Stripes have always been popular, but every day more and more people are wearing them around WHS. Stripes on scarves, sweaters, or dresses all look great. You can match the color of the stripes with colored jeans or your shoes. They are a classic print that will never go out of style.

#8- Slip-on shoes:

Slip-on shoes are great when you want to be trendy but still comfortable. The most popular slip-on shoes you can see around WHS are white Vans, quilted black Steve Maddens, Sperry’s and TOMS. White Vans and quilted black Steve Maddens give off an edgy, cool look while Sperry’s and TOMS give off a classic, preppy vibe.

#9- Patagonia Fleeces:

Patagonia fleeces can be fun and colorful while warm and practical. Patagonia carries these fleeces in many chic monochromes, solids and crazy colorful prints. There’s something out there for everyone.

#10- Boots:

Boots are one of the most common types of shoes you can see around Wayland High School. The most common colors are black and brown. If you can find a comfortable and cute pair of boots, they will not disappoint. They look great with leggings and jeans. To switch it up and add a pop to your outfit, you can wear tall socks with them. Some of the most popular styles of boots at WHS are combat boots, Chelsea boots, riding boots and L.L. Bean boots.