Students and teachers share opinions on Donald Trump

Lindsay Adelman and Angela Park

Kate Balicki Freshman
Kate Balicki




“Well, I think he’s a little crazy. Why? He’s very insulting to many people, and he’s careless with his words.”




David Schmirer History teacher
David Schmirer
History teacher


“My opinion is whatever the opposite of extremely positive is when it comes to Donald Trump. I’ve known of him for a long time only because he was a prominent businessman in New York in the 80’s when I was growing up. To me he represents just about everything that’s wrong with our electoral political system right now, that people who are extremely wealthy, who have the money to be able to run for president, can get in. His views are disparaging towards women and towards Hispanics, particularly people who are from Mexico. I expect him to stay in the race for a while but certainly do not expect him to win the race, which is good for America.”


William Paik Senior
William Paik




“I think it’s a practical joke that just got really out of hand. I love Trump as much as Trump loves immigrants.”






Shaelee Comettant Sophomore
Shaelee Comettant




“I don’t think he’s a good candidate, and I hope he doesn’t become president because I don’t agree with a lot of the things he says.”






Nicole Haghdoust  Language teacher
Nicole Haghdoust
Language teacher



“I don’t think he’s the best candidate. There are candidates that I like better. I feel like sometimes he says inappropriate things in the media, and we need somebody who will better represent our country in a more positive light.”






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