Mirror Mirror: Quick tips for looking fresh and awake


Angela shares five tips to avoid cakey face makeup.

Angela Park

We all know what it’s like to wake up and look in the mirror to find someone who looks like a zombie. Especially being a student, sometimes (aka most of the time) you don’t get those full eight hours of sleep. You may be tired, but you don’t have to look it. Here are five quick makeup tricks to look fresh and awake.

1. Bright eyeshadow:
Take a light eyeshadow and pack it on the inner corners of your eyes. This will brighten up your eyes, making them seem wider and more awake.

2. Concealer
Dark circles are a dead giveaway that you haven’t slept. Hide them with some concealer, and you’ll instantly look less tired. Here’s a trick: Use complementary colors! A salmon concealer will cancel out the color of bluish dark circles.

3. Bright waterline
Run a light-colored eyeliner on your waterline, and like the bright eyeshadow, your eyes will instantly look wider and more awake. Avoid using a stark white eyeliner because that looks obvious and harsh. Opt for a cream or flesh-toned one instead.

4. Dewy foundation
Instead of layering on a matte, heavy foundation, which can make you look dull and cakey, reach for a more dewy and lightweight formula. A BB or CC cream would be perfect. The luminosity of the product will make you look radiant, and it won’t feel like you’re wearing much makeup at all.

5. Colorful lips
On days when you’re feeling dead, bring your face to life by adding a hint of color to your lips. Whether you’re going for the Taylor Swift red lip or a subtle flush of pink, remember to moisturize with lip balm to avoid dry, chapped lips.