Winter Week undergoes schedule change


Pictured above is senior Jason Mai performing a martial arts demonstration during a past Winter Week. This year, Winter Week’s schedule has been changed. “Hopefully every kid gets to go to five activities, which is more than most kids go to normally,” Student Council President Ani Nagesha said.

Olivia Waldron and Lucy Hughes

This year’s Winter Week will be different than that of 2015. Due to certain issues in the past, the scheduling for performances has been altered.

“The issue with Winter Week in the past is that there were certain teachers who didn’t really believe in it, so they would never take any of their classes to activities. As a result, there were often kids who only got to participate in one or two or maybe even no activities,” said Anirudh Nagesha, president of Student council.

In the past, teachers would choose which performances to take their students to and which ones to skip. Some teachers simply chose to not go to any of the performances.

This Winter Week, from Feb. 2 to 5, there will be one mandatory activity that the whole school will attend during third block.

Hopefully every kid gets to go to five activities, which is more than most kids go to normally.”

— Anirudh Nagesha, student body President

Currently, Thursday and Friday of Winter Week have performances every block that teachers can sign up for.

Some of the students’ reactions have not been as good as Nagesha had hoped.

“Instead of getting to go see a bunch of different performances and activities during classes and frees, you only get to go to one,” sophomore Gabi Smith said. “It’s also annoying because we just had the stress of midterms, and now there will probably be more school work during the week.”

On the other hand, some students are not bothered and don’t think it makes much of a difference during that week.

“I don’t really think it makes much of a difference because last year only a few of my teachers actually took our class to a Winter Week activity, but it will make a difference if students have a free and wanted to go to one,” sophomore Pauline Flanagan said.

Student Council is currently working on creating more activities and performances so that Tuesday and Wednesday will have more activities.

Not only does this change affect what acts will be shown during Winter Week, but it also affects the length of the classes all week.

“I know people might not like having a day or two with only one or two activities, but keep in mind this also shortens classes. The way we have it set up is that classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are only 45 minutes, and classes on Wednesday are 30 minutes,” Nagesha said.