Spotify to become available on student laptops


Credit: Liam McNeish

Above is an image of the Spotify logo. Starting next week, the application will be available for download on student laptops.

Alex Torres and Liam McNeish

The technology department is announcing that they are allowing students to start using Spotify on their computers this coming week.

The decision came in response to student outrage in the beginning of the year over their inability to use the music streaming service.

“We heard your outcry and your complaints and we’ve been working on this problem for the whole year. Today we’re happy to please the students by making Spotify open for use on your computers, even during school hours,” technology department head Mary Barber said.

In past years, students were able to download any application they wanted because they were the computer’s admin account. However, over the summer, the tech department switched over to a different security contractor that made the students use a non-admin account, blocking them from downloading applications from online.

“We really tried to please the students, so this is our gift to you,” Barber said.

“When Spotify returns, I’ll definitely be listening to Future’s most recent album EVOL, the clean version of course” Barber said. “Eminem is also pretty good, too.”

The department is putting the finishing touches on the software and a software update will be pushed to students next week.

The tech department is also investigating Facebook to be open to students as well.

This article is an April Fools joke!