WHS hosts second annual TEDx event


Credit: Flickr user Philip Swanson

WHS held its second TEDx event this past Saturday. Wayland students talked about their life experiences.

On Saturday night, Wayland High School held its second annual TEDx conference. The theme of the night was rising strong. This theme was represented through the powerful stories of several WHS students.

Senior Rachel Lorenc shared about her struggle with anorexia. She spoke of how a trip to Peru with Wayland Middle School teacher Daniel Fernandez helped her immensely; it was the cause of her recovery.

Senior Joshua Lee talked about how he personally has been affected by the mass incarceration of African-Americans in America through his uncle’s arrest. He went on to explain how his uncle could have fallen into the prison cycle, but instead, Lee’s uncle was given support by his family and able to break the pattern.

Senior Larissa Sehringer shared how she overcame her own personal struggles and discovered her passion for fashion. Sehringer has recently been accepted into Central Saint Martins, a leading fashion school in London, England. Sehringer has also had the privilege of meeting some of the fashion world’s biggest icons, such as Amy Astley, the editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue.

Senior Philip Mcgonagle talked about the importance of taking control of your life and using your “I voice.” Mcgonagle spoke about how his conflict in his family taught him to take control over his own life and dictate what happens to him.

Junior Lucas Montes Soza spoke about the difficulties of moving several times in the past few years. His struggles became increasingly more difficult because his native language is Spanish and not English.

Junior Callie Junkin spoke of her time at the Island School in the Bahamas. There, she discovered that Wayland, although stable, was not allowing her to discover herself and grow. It took time alone on a tropical island for her to really know herself.

Junior Tyler Johnson shared the story of how he discovered his passion for performing and singing. It resulted from his parents and friends giving him a helpful push out of his comfort zone.

Junior Ariella Fuzaylov talked about breaking down the sexual stigma that exists in today’s society by educating young children about sex and having parents openly discuss formerly taboo topics.

Junior Cameron O’Neill gave a talk about the importance of Internet neutrality, arguing that companies like Verizon and Comcast are taking advantage of people and throttling our data.

Freshman Will Barton discussed the growth of e-sports, or gaming. He went on to explain how he is redefining what it means to be a gamer by defying the stereotype of a gamer in their parents’ basement. Instead, Barton is a gamer who is also a student athlete and well-rounded person.