Students to present films at annual festival


Credit: Courtesy of WayCam

Pictured above is a poster advertising the upcoming film festival.

Brian Cohen

The Wayland High School Film Festival will take place this Friday at 6 p.m. in the WHS theater, featuring the work of both the Honors Script To Screen class and the Honors Dramatic Arts class. Ticket prices are $1 for WHS seniors, $5 for other students, free for teachers and $10 for general admission. The movies at this year’s festival include “Fight or Flight,” directed by senior Jason Mai, “Hacked,” directed by senior Parker Bryant and “The Girl Named Lucy,” directed by senior Thomas Leacu.

“Fight or Flight”
Will (junior Omar Rios) moves to a new town which has just been hit by an oil spill. The town has fallen into complete anarchy and Will must choose either fight or flight. This movie’s website can be found here.

Script to Screen: Fight or Flight Trailer from WayCAM Public on Vimeo.

Andrew (senior Jackson DiIanni) is a high school student who hacks into his school’s grading system and changes grades as a hobby. However, his attempts to change his grades soon change his life.

Script to Screen: Hacked Trailer from WayCAM Public on Vimeo.

“The Girl Named Lucy”
In a small town, animals and high school students begin to mysteriously go missing.

Script to Screen: This Girl Named Lucy Trailer from WayCAM Public on Vimeo.