BREAKING NEWS: A cappella auditions postponed to fall


Above is a picture of a combined a cappella rehearsal in a practice room at WHS. From left to right, top to bottom, Anitta Thomas, Ella Johnson, Jen Curran, Lilly Lin, Clara Hurney,  Jessica DeMasi, Maya Anand, Emma DiIanni and Alexa Calder. The a cappella auditions for the 2016-2017 school year have been moved to the fall.

Janani Gandhi and Naomi Lathan

Auditions for WHS’ three a cappella groups, the Muses, the Madrigals and the Testostertones, have been postponed from June 8 to the fall of 2016. According to an email sent to the student body from next year’s Muses co-director and junior Sophia Calder, they will most likely occur on Sep. 12. According to next year’s Muses co-director and junior Jessica Demasi, the change was made after fine arts department head Susan Memoli and choral director Rachel Carroll created a rule which did not allow incoming freshmen to audition for the groups. Demasi said that moving the audtions to the fall and allowing freshmen to audition was a compromise reached between Memoli, Carroll and the a cappella directors.