Art teacher Janet Armentano retiring


Olivia Waldron and Jackie Stoller

This year as the seniors leave WHS for a new chapter in their lives, many teachers and staff members will be joining them. One of these is art teacher Janet Armentano.

Armentano became an art teacher because she fell in love with art.

“When I created a painting I was really proud of, I discovered a whole new level of accomplishment. It was an unparalleled feeling, and I knew I wanted to give that experience to others,” Armentano said.

While Armentano enjoyed many things about teaching, her favorite was forming relationships with her students and their parents.

“Helping students find their voice and be recognized for their artistic ability has been so rewarding,” Armentano said.

Janet Armentano has been working alongside her husband George Armentano for the past five years. He will also be retiring this year.

“Having my husband work here at WHS alongside of me has made these last five years the best ones in my career,” Armentano said.

There were many rewards that came along with teaching for Armentano.

“Nothing was as sweet as hearing that my students won art awards or were given scholarships for their portfolios,” Armentano said. “Knowing that I helped many students enjoy high school a little bit more because they took my art class has impacted my life.”

Next year and in years to come, Armentano plans on having a more laid back lifestyle. She also hopes to spend more time with her family.

“I’m looking forward to creating my own artwork and not having to set the alarm clock anymore,” Armentano said.

Sophomore Gabi Smith appreciated Armentano. “I loved having Mrs. Armentano as a teacher my freshman year, and I was so sad when I didn’t get to have her this year. I learned so much from her, and I wish her the best in her retirement.”

“It was great to work with so many different people, and I learned so much from my teaching experiences,” Armentano said.