Students react to the new iPhone iOS 10 Update

Jackie Stoller and Audrey Camacho

Nicholas Bobronnikov
“I don’t think it is a very good update, and I don’t like the emojis. My friends have it but I don’t want to download it yet. The emojis and the glitches are preventing me from getting it.”
Juliet Nadeau
“I haven’t updated my iPhone yet because I’m not sure if I want to. I’ve heard both good things and bad things about it. A lot of people like it but other people are like ‘Oh, I hate it.’ So, I’m not sure. Some people like the new texting thing you can do but then some people don’t like the new emojis.”
Caroline Lampert
“I like it because it’s new and turns on right as you grab it. I [also] really like the new notification box.”
Rosie Kiefer
“I have the update because my friends got it and they told me to get it as well. I really like the way it looks, and also it is more efficient. Instead of sliding to open your phone you just tap it which is way easier. There isn’t anything that stands out to me that would make me not like it.”
Yaniv Goren
“I think that it changed very little. I mean, obviously there are some things that changed synthetically. But, other than that, functionally, I didn’t see any big changes. So I can’t say I have a strong opinion aesthetically.”
Ellery Kiefer
“I like some of it; the drawing stuff is pretty weird. I didn’t realize that if you draw something it automatically sends. So it was kind of awkward when I sent a bunch of random drawings and messages. But overall I really like it.”