Q&A with the Class of 2020’s new officers

Eden Vanslette and Joyce Wu

Ciara Murphy, President

How do you feel about becoming class president?

“Pretty pumped! [I’m] excited to start fundraising!”

Why do you think you won the election for class president?

“I think my speech got to people. It was a pretty small speech, so it didn’t take much for people to process it and take it in.”

What is your current, overall plan for this year, as president?

“My goal as president this year is to really start fundraising.”

Do you have any ideas for fundraisers?

“I was thinking about doing some Krispy Kreme fundraising at some local sports games, [like] BAYS soccer or pop warner football. To get the class excited, I was thinking of doing class apparel.”

How much money are you looking to make this school year?

“I still have to meet with the e-board and former class presidents to try to figure that out, so I can’t give an exact number yet.”

What do you want to make happen this year for your class, money wise and event wise?

“Semi is my top priority this year. It happens in the beginning of your sophomore year so you can’t only fundraise for semi in sophomore year, you need to start in freshman year. [Also] many kids [in my grade] have been requesting a microwave to warm up their food in the cafeteria. I want our class to raise money for this but I would be willing to collaborate with other grades if they want to do a school wide microwave as well.”


Ryan Urato, Vice President

How do you feel about becoming class vice president?

“Well, it’s really special. It’s quite an honor to have been elected by the class and I’m really excited to be able to serve the people.”

Why do you think you won the election?

“I think people in general have a good impression of me. I think they like me. I think I’ve made an effort to try to talk to a lot of people, to be involved with a lot of people. I’ve been reaching out to different friend groups and stuff like that.”

What are your current plans for this year?

“Well, definitely we’re going to have to get started on a lot of fundraising. I think we’re gonna meet with the squad and see what we can do. For me, I like doing bake sales because I think people like bake sales more than car washes or other stuff like that. But, we’ll see how it goes.”

How are you going to split the work between you and the class president?

“I would hope that we would end up splitting it up evenly and I think I can work really well with Ciara. So, I think we will definitely find a way to get everything done well, efficiently, and effectively.”

How do you think you will benefit the class?

“I think that I am really organized and I would consider myself pretty good at being able to manage more planned stuff, I think I can help in that way. Also, as I mentioned in my speech, being able to know a lot of different people I think will help me to be able to get opinions from everyone and see what everyone thinks.”


Angela Chi, Secretary

How do you feel about becoming class secretary?

“I’m really excited. I’m pretty proud because I think all of the other people who ran had a really good chance because their speeches were all good and I think that we all would have made good secretaries but I’m really glad that I won.”

Why do you think you won the election for class secretary?

“Well, I did put [up] a poster, so it helped me advertise [and help people] know I’m running. I worked on my speech for awhile and I tried to practice and deliver it smoothly. I talked to a teacher about it and I just put in a lot of effort.”

What are your current plans for this coming year? (Fundraisers, events etc)

“I think a lot of people are talking about a freshman dance. It would be fun, but I think it’s better, for later on, to just earn the money for now and just save it up because prom is expensive and so is the semi formal. So I think if we do have the money to do a dance this year, save it up so our other events will be better. I can’t wait to organize those and plan them out.”

What do you want to do for your class this year?

“I want to make sure that we are organized because I know our grade is not. I want to make sure our events are scheduled, the most amount of people will be able to attend, have successful fundraisers and have fun.”


Brendan Ho, Treasurer

How do you feel about becoming class treasurer?

“I feel very good.”

Why do you think you won the election?

“You know, there’s a reason why I won. It’s not that I would do a better job. I think it’s just that a lot of people know me and they don’t know a lot of the other people. So next time, we really have to make sure everybody knows who’s running and what their qualifications are.”

What plans do you have for this year?

“Ok, so this year, we’re going to make a lot of money with fundraisers. And we’re going to use that money to get everyone a great event that no one has seen before.”

How do you think you will benefit the class?

“By using my great money counting skills and by using the money we have to benefit the class.”

Why do you think you will make a good treasurer?

“Like I said in my speech, I can count, I can get dollars, and I can stretch those dollars until we get everything we need.”