Winter Innovation Expo to be held Friday in Makerspace


Credit: Olivia Waldron

Sophomore Meghan Walsh is working on a project for her Innovation Realization class. Students in the class are working on inventions that will be showcased this Friday in B226. “The coolest part really is that when you’re done with the class you can look back and see the business you helped start or the new product you invented,” senior Evan Chinman said.

Anika Das and Olivia Waldron

On Friday, January 13 from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m., the Innovation Realization classes will be holding an exhibition to showcase projects students have been working on in the class this semester. The expo will take place in Room B226, also known as the “Makerspace.”

“The purpose of the expo on Friday is to showcase all of our products and ideas in one event,” sophomore innovation student Solvai Lewenberg said.

Innovation Realization is a class taught by Business Teacher Jay Moody in which students are given freedom to come up with ideas for inventions. Students have been working on projects in small groups, each trying to solve a common problem.

“Innovation is a very hands-on class; you work a lot on your own and/or with your partner and [Moody]. Sometimes, other guests [will even] come in to help you out with whatever you need,” Lewenberg said.

“Right now everyone is working on a different invention that they came up with in mini groups, and we have been doing [this] for about all of second quarter,” senior Cami Michaelson said.

“I’m working on a robot that hooks onto a trashcan and drags it around,” Michaelson said. “I really like making the robot. Especially finding all of the right screws for all of the different pieces and being able to screw them together using the power tools.”

According to senior Evan Chinman, Moody gives a lot of freedom within the class to work on projects, and trusts that the students in it will stay focused.

“[Moody] gives us a lot of freedom and trust in that we will work on our projects and stay focused. You just walk right into class and start working on your project for whatever you want to accomplish for that day,” Chinman said. “That could be from 3D printing parts to using the bandsaw to cut piece of wood. It’s really cool just being able to have the freedom to use woodworking tools and dangerous things without having anyone behind your back making sure your safe.”

“The coolest part really is that when you’re done with the class you can look back and see the business you helped start or the new product you invented,” Chinman said.

Chinman and a partner have been addressing the problem of it taking too long to fill up a water bottle, using the gatorade water jugs, because only one person can fill up their bottle at once.

“We didn’t reinvent the wheel or anything, but the new water jug can fill 4 people’s bottles up at once and just makes more sense than the old ones. But come check it out Friday,” Chinman said.

“My favorite part of class is the creativeness that you’re allowed to express throughout the duration of the semester,” sophomore Jared Dines said.

“I really love the style of class, [Moody] is a great teacher with lots of energy and so much knowledge about generally everything. The environment is very comfortable and energetic,” Lewenberg said.

The “innovators,” or students in the class, will be showcasing a variety of inventions to solve common day-to-day issues. Some of these solutions include making it easier to take out the trash, saving on one’s water bill and enhancing one’s sport experiences.