Girls’ lacrosse team looks to build on success from last season


Credit: Courtesy of Debra LaPierre

Coming off of a successful season a year ago, the Girls’ lacrosse team hopes make a deeper playoff run in 2017. “We are feeling ready to be matched against the state’s top teams,” Head Coach Ashley Means said.

Kate Balicki and Hannah Rice

Last year, the girls’ varsity lacrosse team went 16-6-0, making it to the sectional finals where they fell to Walpole, 14-12. According to Head Coach Ashley Means, the team’s most important goal for this year is to qualify for, and go on to the state tournament. The DCL title is also a challenge that the team is striving to achieve. In addition to the team goals, players are going to be encouraged to set individual goals and support each other to achieve them.

“We are so fortunate to work with so many hard-working and diligent student-athletes,” Means said. “Our team is packed with talent and speed, which we are extremely excited about.”

The program is led by senior captains Abby Stoller and Kirsten Grazewski. Returning juniors include Lindsey Barnard, Liz Greenberg, Brooke LaPierre, and Jackie Stoller as well as the starting goalie, Lilly Lin. Sophomores Kate Balicki and Lily Tardif are prepared to return to the team this season.

The team motto for this season is “2 more.”

“Can you challenge yourself to get two more reps in at practice? Can we push ourselves for two more minutes? Can we execute two more offensive sets? It’s all about challenging ourselves in the moment and we are hopeful that it will pay off in the postseason,” Means explained.

“There were no secrets or tricks to the team’s success last season,” Means said. “We had a talented roster, just as we do this year. Our success was truly due to the hard work and dedication of our players. We are confident in this season’s roster and know that the girls will continue to bring tremendous effort. Their passion for the sport of lacrosse makes it enjoyable. Our players are creative and they have fun, which is what really allows them to have such success.”

Means plans to continue to utilize the same systems that were used last season. They will work to expand their playbook and plan to install a man to man and a zone settled defense and ride.

“The girls have a great deal of experience,” Means said. “So we are excited to keep raising the bar and challenging them in their play.”

This season the coaching staff is hopeful about the talent of the program and excited about the success the team will have.

“We are excited to see it all come together out there and are confident that we will be fighting for a title at the end of this season,” Means said.

Means considers the strengths of the team to be speed, experience, patience, and humor. The season begins on March 31st when the team will take on Boston Latin at home.

“We are feeling ready to be matched against the state’s top teams,” Means said.