Opinion: The death penalty should be legal


Credit: Chris Potter (public domain) via Wiki Commons.

The death penalty has been a topic for many years among government leaders and citizens regarding whether or not to rid of it. “The death penalty, although scary in the eyes of some citizens, is beneficial to every citizen and increases the safety of our country every day,” Camacho writes.

Audrey Camacho

Since 1608, capital punishment has been heavily debated. Capital punishment is when a person is sentenced to death by the state for a particular crime. Ever since the death penalty was created, there has been controversy over whether or not it should be continued. For many years, our government, as well as average citizens, have questioned if the death penalty violates the Eighth Amendment, which prohibits the government from cruel and unusual punishment. The death penalty should be continued to increase the prevention of crimes and reduce the billions of tax dollars spent towards prisons.

Many people argue that that the death penalty completely goes against our Eighth Amendment rights: with its inhuman ways of execution and its possible classification as “cruel” and “unusual” punishments. However, without the death penalty, lots of citizen’s tax dollars would go to waste clothing and feeding inmates in jail. Over the years, more and more tax dollars are being put towards jails than other resources that can help a community.

Believe it or not, America’s prisons are costing taxpayers billions of dollars. According to the well-known website, Money and Career Cheat Sheet, the Versa Institute of Justice recorded a whopping 39 billion dollars being spent on prisons. These tax dollars go towards health care, food and clothing for inmates; a fraction of the money also goes towards correction officers.

The death penalty should be continued to also prevent an increase in crimes. Imagine living in a world in which the only form of punishment was being locked in a cage like an animal. Criminals would learn nothing from their mistakes and when released, who knows what these unchanged people would do. Not everyone changes in prison, some just become worse. Time Magazine reported an estimated amount of 2,000,000 citizens of the US who have fallen victim to some form of crime from assault to murder. Without the death penalty, criminals would become careless and fearless, and they would commit horrendous crimes. There is a need for the death penalty to exist.

In conclusion, there are still multiple opinions regarding the death penalty. However, the most beneficial one would be to continue the process of distributing the death penalty as a punishment. When you put someone else in harm’s way, and ruin their lives, you deserve to be treated with the same respect. The death penalty, although scary in the eyes of some citizens, is beneficial to every citizen and increases the safety of our country every day.

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