News Brief: “Out and Proud” panel to be hosted by Alliance this Thursday

News Brief: Out and Proud panel to be hosted by Alliance this Thursday

Kevin Wang

A panel discussion about being an LGBTQ student at WHS will take place during fourth block on Thursday, April 13. The event will be located in fine arts teacher Richard Weingartner’s room, known as “The Shop.” Hosted by the Wayland Alliance, the discussion will be led by LGBTQ students and faculty members.

Students will be given the opportunity to better understand their peers’ lives and experiences at WHS through discussing and asking questions in a safe environment. Additionally, complimentary cookies and brownies will be available as snacks.

According to Wayland Alliance member Naomi Rosenthal, Out & Proud will be a first-time event. “The panel is eager to have students come with questions and open minds,” Rosenthal said.

The event will be taking place one day after the Alliance-sponsored Day of Silence on Wednesday.