Class of 2017 define “senior slump”


Masha Yakhkind and Anika Das

Joe Orlandella: “[Senior slump is] when you’re late to every class, if you even bother to show up.”

Kiera Connell: “[Senior slump is] when you don’t have to do any work at all because you already got into college.”




Lulu Philip: “Senior slump is putting your backpack down when you get home, and not picking it up until the next morning.”

Callie Junkin: “Senior slump is getting to four corners when class starts, but then saying “Nah” and going to Dunks.”



Jack Fletcher: “I would say senior slump is playing spikeball during frees.”





Syd Hsu: “Senior slump is knowing it’s all over and coming to an end, which means giving up on any motivation.”




Izzy Rubin: “Senior slump is the process of caring less and less about school and grades, considering only one college will receive your final grades.”





Curran Murphy: “Senior slump is when seniors take a little of like a break almost. Not necessarily not work at all, but don’t stress as much or worry about the little things, like getting every homework problem right or done. Not stressing out a ton over the next test and studying like 5 hours, maybe just reviewing notes or something.”