News Brief: Final Examinations at WHS


Credit: John Phelan

Wayland High School is planning to alter the procedures they administer final examinations to students. Traditional exams for a few of the major academic subjects will be scratched for “exhibition days.”

Matt Karle and Kevin Wang

This June, WHS will be altering the methods by which they apply final examinations to students. In previous years, comprehensive exams from the major academic subjects tested students on their second-semester knowledge. However, students will only have traditionally formatted final exams on science and math this year.

The old format was similar to how midyear exams are currently administered; one week would be dedicated to exams of each subject, and students would be free to leave the school after they complete their tests, as normal classes would not be scheduled.

The newly formatted “finals” implement “exhibition days,” which consist of four blocks of 87-minute classes, during which teachers can use a variety of methods to test their students’ knowledge. The two exhibition days will be held on June 16 and June 19. Periods one, two, five and six will be taking place on Friday, while periods three, four, seven and eight are on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be traditional exams for math and science, respectively.