Meet the athletic trainer: Christopher Morash


Credit: Naomi Lathan

Pictured above is Athletic Trainer Christopher Morash. “Don’t hesitate to come see me for an injury,” Morash said. “I’m here to help.”

Jackie Stoller and Naomi Lathan

With the recent departure of Athletic Trainer Amy Schwartzkopf, Wayland High School welcomes Christopher Morash to fill her position. He is excited to get to know the students at WHS and for sports to really kick off.

Morash is subcontracted out through a physical training clinic called ATI Physical Therapy. Although he is working at WHS, he is not working for the school.

Morash got into the athletic training field because of his love for sports.

“I really enjoyed sports growing up. I never wanted to pursue anything as far as professional sports, but I wanted to stay in the sports world,” Morash said.

Even though Morash lives in southern New Hampshire, WHS drew him in. He likes the area of Wayland, especially with its small-town feel.

“During my interview, the school seemed like it was a nice school to be at, with great employees and a great staff,” Morash said. He was also drawn to the past success of Wayland teams.

As the athletic trainer, Morash deals mostly with sports-related injuries. He works with anything from basic first aid to ankle tape to injury prevention and rehab services. Morash is most excited for fall sports to begin.

Morash doesn’t have any major changes that he plans to implement. Instead, he is trying to improve the plan for major injuries.

“One of the projects I am working on right now is the emergency action plan, which consists of what to do if there is a situation on the field that requires 911 to be called,” Morash said. The athletic department is trying to make direct plans for emergency vehicles if they have to access fields other than the turf. The major focus areas are the back fields, the Wetlands and the Rock.

The transition so far, although recent, has been very smooth.

“So far I feel great about my time here. It has been a great transition process. Everyone seems very welcoming and is very excited to have an athletic trainer on board,” Morash said.

Although he doesn’t yet have a clear vision on how the athletic system at Wayland is run, he is confident that he will catch on.

“Don’t hesitate to come see me for an injury. I am not going to sit you out just to sit you out. I am here to help,” Morash said.