Students react to eSchoolPlus student information system

Nathan Zhao

Credit: Nathan Zhao
Junior Michael Matta
“Overall, the design looks like it was coded by dinosaurs. There are much longer response times than iPass. The viewing of the schedule is fine. It’s pretty similar to iPass. It’s a real pain to not be able to view a grid schedule. I normally have the wallpaper for my laptop as my schedule, but I actually had to take a picture with my phone of the grid. Luckily, there was a grid on eSchoolPlusPlus, which I would strongly recommend. I don’t know about alternatives, cost, or efficiency, but I liked iPass a lot more.”
Credit: Nathan Zhao
Freshman Sophia Blair-Goldin
“I like eSchoolPlus better than iParent because it’s a lot more organized, and it’s easier to find everything.”
Credit: Nathan Zhao
Junior John Batarekh
“I haven’t really looked at the system. I’ve only opened it once. However, my schedule this year fit as best as possible, although it didn’t include any electives that I wanted. But I was able to fix my schedule and add a couple of classes. I think this year wasn’t too much different from last year. I think I got lucky last year. My classes could’ve all been scheduled if they had built the master schedule around it, but I don’t think that’s how schedules work.”
Senior Yaniv Goren
“Quite frankly, I think the costs way outweigh the benefits, especially considering that the costs are $10,000. Maybe [eSchoolPlus] has some marginal benefits, but considering that nobody really sees those benefits materializing in any way in the student body, it’s pretty clear that the $10,000 price tag is a much bigger cost.”
Credit: Nathan Zhao

Freshman Maddie Greene
“I don’t like it. I think that there are many easier ways and places to get your grades. The login process is really tedious because it’s caps-sensitive, and the password is so weird. I’m not a huge fan of it, but also I’m not used to being able to look at my own grades because I’m a freshman and we didn’t get to see them last year.”

Credit: Nathan Zhao
Junior Alex Janoff
“eSchoolPlus is terrible. It was poorly designed and I had issues logging in the first time. I liked iPass better; it was much easier to use. From a technology standpoint, I would recommend that you use eSchoolPlusPlus.”