A look into Spirit Day 2017


Credit: WSPN Staff

Pictured above are students competing in last year’s spirit day.

Christina Taxiarchis, Lily Tardif

Every year, Wayland High School dedicates the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for school-wide activities. With release being at 11:10, the entire morning is devoted to friendly competition. Students get together with their advisories and compete in mini-games throughout the day. The grade which racks up the most points by winning the most mini-games in the end will win Spirit Day.

Each year, it is up to the members of student council to plan the activities and to help organize the groups. This year, they brainstormed ideas and aimed to create a day that everyone would enjoy.

Junior Olivia Tacelli is a member of student council and was involved with this year’s planning process. She says that student council aimed for more grade vs. grade activities.

“I think it will raise the competitiveness throughout the school, and in the end, when we total it up, I think it will be fun to see the scores,” Tacelli said.

Student council advisors Charlene Bishop and Eric Wolven helped student council plan Spirit Day. The pep rally activities remain a surprise.

“It’s a secret, but [this year] they have a couple of different events planned. A couple groups are going to perform and then they are going to have a [few] competitions in there, [with] some hopefully high energy,” Wolven said.

Students have been encouraged to participate in the rally by student council president Jaylen Wang, along with the rest of the council.

“I think I’m most looking forward to participating in Spirit Day and see it all [come] together, because student council has put in a lot of effort to make it new and fun, so I hope that I will be able to see kids enjoying the events that we planned for them,“ Wang said.

Wolven also mentioned a few of the differences between this year’s spirit day and last years.

“We have different activities [this year]. Last year we had four activities with a four activity rotation. They’ve adjusted that to two different two station rotations, so it will feel similar, but it will be different. There will [also] be [a few] changes to the pep rally.”

Wang told us that the goal of spirit day is to unify the student body through fun activities and to promote class pride.

“[It also] is just to make sure that kids are having fun and hopefully interacting with kids they don’t usually interact with,” Wang said.

Sophomore Emma Levy has been looking forward to Spirit Day for a long time.

“It’s fun to get together with your grade and play some fun games at school. I also like getting together with the whole school for the pep rally, it’s a fun way to go into break,” Levy said.