WW ’18: Students participate in METCO city game (32 photos)

On Jan. 29, 2018, Wayland High School alumnus Ramen Cromwell returned to WHS to celebrate Wayland METCO’s 50th anniversary. Cromwell graduated with the WHS class of 1992, where he was student body president and participated in many theatrical performances. Because of his positive experience at WHS, Cromwell decided to give back to the school by administrating a game he felt was powerful when he was a student. Cromwell felt this game was important to play in order to give insight into society at large and to show parallels between the METCO program. The point of the activity was to show the way kids who come from different places interact with kids who have very different experiences. Cromwell believes that the city game is a good learning experience for both Wayland and Boston residents.


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