WW ’18: WSPN history of Winter Week


Pictured above is an image from “Dance 360,” a student dance battle that used to occur annually during Winter Week. WSPN takes a look into the last decade of Winter Week tradition.

Winter Week, a week long celebration after midterms, has been a tradition at WHS for over four decades. The week was designed to give students a break from normal classes. Student Council is in charge of organizing the week’s events and bringing in performers and speakers that teachers bring their classes to. Events such as the hypnotist show, the a cappella performance and the Window dance ensemble have been part of Winter Week for the last decade. Other former popular events like “Dance 360,” “Mr. Wayland High School” and a visit from helper monkeys have ended within the last couple of years. Over the last two years, the number of events offered during this week long celebration has dwindled. In 2008, Winter Week ran for three days and multiple activities were offered every block each day. However, in 2017, Winter Week ran for five days and few activities were offered throughout the week. This year, Winter Week will run from January 29th to February 2nd, but activities will not be offered every period during the day. Starting in 2016, multiple school-wide events like a movie and the talent show have occurred during the week.


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