WW ’18: Window Dance Ensemble performs (19 photos)

Lily Tardif and Christina Taxiarchis

To wrap up Winter Week 2018, the student-run dance ensemble, Window, put on their annual performance. Every year, the returning members of the group get together a few weeks before Winter Week to rehearse and perfect seven dances from the previous year’s show. The Winter Week show is the first performance under the direction of the group’s new directors.

At the conclusion of each spring season, the group votes on new directors. The new directors organize everything for the group, ranging from dances, outfits, songs, and practice times. This year’s directors–Savannah Salitsky, Aimee LaRochelle, and Juliet Nadeau–have played an important role in getting the group ready for Winter Week.

Every dance performed by Window has been choreographed by the group members. Each member is also responsible for helping to create and design outfits for their assigned dances. Select dances were picked from last year’s season for the Winter Week show. Winter Week is particularly challenging due to the loss of senior dancers from the prior year.

“Winter Week is stressful because we still need to remember the dances from last year and we have to cram to get them reblocked without the dancers from last year,” junior Audrey Chen said.

Despite the challenges of pulling off a show outside of the regular season, it is an important show for the group, as they see it as an opportunity to show off their talents to prospective dancers.

“Getting Window out there so we can have more people audition is one of the most exciting parts of our Winter Week performance,” Chen said.