Bachelor Recap: Week Seven



WSPN’s Abby Mitty offers her thoughts on the most recent episode of The Bachelor.

Abby Mitty

Hello, Bachelor Nation! It’s week seven, and with only seven girls remaining and hometowns next week, things were bound to get intense real quick in Tuscany! If you’re not sure what hometowns are, it’s the week where Arie will get to meet the families of the final four girls. Also, if you missed last week, the only thing you have to know is that Krystal went home… yay!

With no rose ceremony at the end of the week, Arie will start with seven girls, and after he goes on three single dates and a group date, he will end with four. The amount of tears shed at the end of this week will probably be able to fill a pool… but come on, these girls are emotional!

Now that things are getting more personal, Arie really begins to question each relationship. However, Jacqueline beat him to it this week. And even though it’s out of the blue, her reasoning for ending things with Arie is simple… she just ain’t ready. Over tears and kisses and some more tears and then a lot more kissing, it just came down to Jacqueline’s head not being in the right place and she peaces out. After another kiss, of course.

On a happier note, Arie got to go on three single dates this week, which is an all time high. His dates with both Lauren B and Becca K were just magical–filled with walks through the rustic Tuscan streets, and multiple glasses of red wine. Arie described that he is falling in love for each of these girls, resulting in a rose on those two dates.

However, Sienne’s date was just kind of awkward. It started with them digging in the ground for mushrooms with this old dude. After that, they went to this random Tuscan family’s house to eat dinner. There, both Sienne and Arie had deep talks about love with these random people they didn’t even really know. Yet, the most awkward part comes at the end. Sienne thinks the date went just great, but Arie feels the opposite. He thinks that in the time allotted (which I think is just way too little to fall in love), Arie doesn’t think their relationship developed enough, so he sends her home!

With only two roses left and three girls, the three-on-one date was bound to be uncomfortable. Kendall, Tia and Bekah M were brought to the “Villa Royale.” Arie was really pressured here because it was between three girls that he genuinely likes, and he knew he would have to send one home.

When Arie took Kendall off to talk first, it was clear that she would be getting a rose. They couldn’t even walk two steps without a kiss in the mysterious wood of the Villa. However, this date showed a side of Tia that we haven’t seen. Because she is sure Kendall will get a rose, Tia begins to try and persuade Arie’s thoughts on Bekah M. I wouldn’t have pegged the country-lovin’ girl to throw dirt around about other girls, but I guess southern girls to like to get their hands dirty.

After Bekah finds the embrace of Arie’s loving arms, she describes that she isn’t too young and that she is ready for love. Although Bekah is all fun for Arie, it is obvious that he knows she is not ready for a committed relationship, and after a long, emotional talk, he sends her home. I do agree with Arie’s decision, however, Bekah was definitely the life of the show (maybe because she was the youngest…).

So, after the tragic loss of both Sienne and Bekah, Arie will be heading to the hometowns of Tia, Becca K, Kendall, and Lauren B. Next week is going to be a week to remember!

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