MOTS: Students share opinions on DACA


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

People hold up signs for DACA.

Caitlin Newton and Emma Nallet

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is a program that protects immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children from deportation. DACA allows “Dreamers” to attend college in the U.S. and obtain a work permit. DACA status must be renewed every two years. In September, President Trump announced the end of DACA, leaving it up to Congress to decide what to do with the program.

WSPN asked WHS students and faculty what they thought of the DACA program, and if they thought Dreamers–those protected by DACA–should be allowed to stay in the U.S.


 Dravin Nagalingam, sophomore

“I guess I think it’s a good thing because it protects children. From what I know, I don’t really support [deporting Dreamers] because I feel like if you grew up in this country, even if you came here when you were really young, you wouldn’t really know your home country really well. I don’t think it’s a good thing to send people back to a place that they know almost nothing about, especially when they’ve built their lives here.”

 Noelle McGah, junior

“I think it’s a great program that helped immigrants create a life for themselves here and [allowed them to move from] the lower levels of society and give them an education. I understand the problem with undocumented immigrants, but I think [that] if you were a child then it’s not your fault. Also, I don’t have a problem with immigrants, but I think if your parents did something illegal you shouldn’t be penalized for that.”


Mr. Dumais, academic center teacher

“I like the idea of DACA. I think providing an opportunity for people to become Americans is a great idea. I think that [Dreamers] need protecting. I think the vast majority are good people, and I think that [Dreamers] should be allowed [in the U.S.].”


Lizzy Francis, junior

“I think it’s a fantastic program for young Latinos, and I am a little appalled and disgusted by the Trump administration and its decision to take it out, because they’re just kids who are trying to get an education. I am a first generation immigrant, and so I kind of relate to that. I can’t even imagine having to go back to India and having to study the language. I think people have the right to be in the US because the US is built on immigrants, and it was built on the backs of people of color who were forced to come here by white people. I don’t think there’s such thing as an illegal person and I think that everybody has the right to be here, especially those who came here when they were [young] and don’t even remember anything of where they came from.”


Madison Lehr, junior

“I think [DACA] is good because [it concerns] children who were brought over when they were two, three years old without their consent, and therefore [have] lived in the US almost their entire life. All they know is English and an American lifestyle, and to be deported because they are technically illegal immigrants is silly because their whole life has been in America. It seems unfair to rip these people out of the United States when all they know is the United States.”


Meghan Walsh, junior

“I would say that they should stay in the country because they are pretty much as American as the rest of us since they were like two [when they came to the US]. They don’t know anything beside the USA and they didn’t break the law conscientiously so they shouldn’t be punished for it.”













Fareeha Syeda, junior

“I think it is a very important program that was progressive and much needed in the world. I definitely don’t think it should be moved because it gives so many young kids the opportunity to make a new home [in] a place where their parents weren’t exactly welcomed. The fact that they are being sent back now is horrifying to think about, because they don’t know the country where their parents came from. This is their home, this is where they have been growing up. They have hopes and dreams like any of the rest of us, and they deserve to be here just as much as anyone else. They can’t be blamed for something illegal their parents have done, and they haven’t, so I think they deserve to live here. I think DACA is a good program that should be continued. I think [the Dreamers] should be allowed to stay, become citizens and have rights like any other citizen of America.”