Student attitudes toward ‘finsta’ culture

Devon Perryman

A “finsta,” otherwise known as a fake Instagram, is an Instagram account teenagers make for fun. People make them to post pictures or videos that they would normally not post on their main account. For the most part, they post about their day or silly photos and videos.

Lauren Stahl

Devon Perryman, junior
What is your opinion on “finstas?”
“I think that they are very funny. Usually, your friends follow them, so it isn’t like a lot of people are seeing what you’re posting.”

Lauren Stahl, senior
What is your opinion on “finstas?”
“I support ‘finstas’ because I feel that a lot of times on social media, people feel limited as to what they should post, or what they can post, because of the social contract that everyone should look happy on social media. ‘Finstas’ are a good way to express yourself and all your emotions.”


Brooks Jones

Brooks Jones, junior
What is your opinion on “finstas?”
“I don’t really mind ‘finstas,’ because I don’t have one. I can’t really see other people’s because they are private, so it’s kind of annoying, but yeah, I don’t mind it.”

Abby Blumenfeld

Abby Blumenfeld, senior
What is your opinion on “finstas?”
“I think that they are funny. I like when someone lets me follow their ‘finsta’ because it means that we are good friends. I like to look at them when they are funny, but if they aren’t funny, then they are annoying.”

Michael Russo

Michael Russo, sophomore
What is your opinion on “finstas?”
“A lot of them are pretty funny–they’re good. I think you should just make them private so you can only let certain people see it.”

Teddy Rice, freshman
What is your opinion on “finstas?”
“I think they are funny in the case that they are private, and not for anyone to see. I don’t believe

Teddy Rice


that everyone should be able to see them because a lot of the stuff posted is for certain people. I think people should be careful and not post very inappropriate stuff because people could see stuff and get offended.”

Logan Dawson

Logan Dawson, senior
What is your opinion on “finstas?”
“I just don’t understand, like is there another way to post that stuff without using Instagram? I really just don’t get ‘finstas’ in general–I don’t see the overall purpose.”