Politipress: Meet the Candidates for Board of Selectmen


In the latest installment of Politipress, editor Charlie Moore gives readers some insight into the upcoming midterm elections.

Charlie Moore

For the voting members of our community, it is often hard to have a firm grasp on who the politicians that represent us are, and what they do. 

The Wayland Board of Selectmen is a chamber of five citizens who represent a large number of issues in Wayland’s town Governance. As stated by the Wayland town website:  “[The board is] responsible for operations of several departments and activities, including building, facilities management, police, fire, finance, treasurer, legal matters, disposition of real property, human resources, and collective bargaining matters.”

The Board of Selectmen is a very large chapter of Wayland’s town government, and two spots on the board are open for the upcoming town election. Three Wayland citizens are running for these two spots: Incumbents Lea Anderson, and Mary Antes, and challenger, Steven M. Glovsky. Let’s meet them:

Lea Anderson (Incumbent):

Lea Anderson is the Chairperson of the Board of Selectmen. Anderson began her time in Wayland as a mother to her two children and as a member of the Claypit Hill Parent Teacher Organization. As her children rose through the school system, Anderson followed them, running for the Wayland school committee in 1994. After her son graduated in 2003, and Anderson completed three terms on the school committee, two of which she was the chair, Anderson figured she’d retire from public office. That was until she was asked to chair the Wayland High School Building Committee. In the ten years Anderson was chair of this committee, she explored how to better Wayland High School, eventually leading the effort to rebuild WHS. After the large building project in 2012, Anderson retired from the WHS Building Committee, setting her sights on the Board of Selectmen. Anderson has served one term on the board, starting in 2015. This is her first re-election bid.

Lea Anderson is running on the experience she gained in her first term. After working with the Collins Think Tank, a group focused on bettering local governments, Anderson is preaching a similar agenda to the issues she is currently combatting, with a better understanding. Anderson wants to ensure Wayland continues its “tradition of excellence” with its great schools, community and rich history.

A vote for Lea Anderson would be a vote for the continued support of our schools. Anderson is responsible for the rebuilding high school we walk in, she cares deeply for Wayland, and her near 25 years in Wayland politics would be a safe bet for your ballot later this March.

Steven M. Glovsky (Challenger):

Steven M. Glovsky has lived in Wayland for 18 years, coming for the school district to best educate his children. Glovsky, a fiscal conservative, has three advanced degrees: a law degree, a master’s in business, and a master’s in taxation. Glovsky is currently serving on the Board of Assessors. On this board, Glovsky has dealt with Wayland properties and property values, a key component of what he is running on. Glovsky has practiced as a tax lawyer and a construction lawyer, more key components on his attempt at the Board of Selectmen. Being the only non-incumbent in a race of three, it is somewhat an uphill battle for Glovsky, but not if his plan appeals to the voters.

Steven Glovsky is running on a plan focused on responsible spending for Wayland citizens. Glovsky has proposed a new budget that wants to highlight taxes and property values. Glovsky disapproves of the current administration’s approach to taxing.

A vote for Steven M. Glovsky would mean a vote endorsing his ideas for financial change. Glovsky has pushed that students should vote for him if they want their parents to be able to afford their college tuitions. He is well versed in the realm he wishes to change, taxes and property evaluation, so he would be a good fit if this is an issue you believe needs fixing.

Mary Antes (Incumbent):

Mary Antes is a Wayland political veteran, having served on the Wayland Board of Selectmen for more than 15 years. Antes is also an avid community member, participating in Wayland events such as the ‘World’s fair’ and convening with Wayland’s Council on Aging. A staple of Antes’ involvement is her membership to the Wayland’s chapter of the League of Women Voters, a group that often hosts and supports many Wayland events, such as the Civics Bee, and last Wednesday night’s ‘meet the candidates’ night.’ Antes, and the league, is all about voter education and civic engagement.

Antes is likely to run on her extensive involvement and experience within Wayland. She has served on the Board of Selectmen before and her reelection is the first since last joining the board in 2015.

Mary Antes is described by Lea Anderson as one of the hardest working members of the Board of Selectmen. She represents the town of Wayland community extremely well. A vote for her would be a vote for a similar approach to how our government has been functioning. She is a big supporter of ballot questions such as field renovations and firehouse reconstruction.


Among these three, Wayland voters have a decision between a continuation of Wayland’s recent governance or a change. Glovsky wants to cut taxes, and make Wayland more affordable. Anderson and Antes are running on the experience they’ve had on the board. They are strong supporters of our school and the education we get in Wayland. You can vote for any two of these three candidates on March 27. According to WaylandeNews, The last town election saw less than 10% of the Wayland voters turn out to vote; your vote will make an impact, your vote is very important to this race. Make your voice heard.