Seniors reflect on Senior Show

On March 16 and 17, the senior class put on “Title Censored by Administration,” the annual senior show.

Senior directors Aidan Garagic, Anitta Thomas, Lindsay Jacobs, Melinda Kalantzis, Peter Moore and Savannah Salitsky, wrote, shot and choreographed the show, ensuring that it would run smoothly.

“Like the other directors, I wrote scripts and helped cast them,” Moore said. “During the dress rehearsals, I worked closely with tech to translate our vision for the show onto the stage.”

With three snow days cutting into rehearsal time, there was a lot of confusion over how the show would run. Members of the class of 2018 were unsure about whether the dance numbers and live skits could be executed well.

“Initially I thought that this show was going to be a mess, but the more I saw how much it was coming together the more I began to realize that it might actually be good,” senior Kayla Mabe said. “When we sat in rehearsals, and we were able to see the skits, I actually died laughing at [many of them]. I’m so happy with the way it went, and I feel like it was a good show. It seemed like a lot of people liked it, which is good.”

Regardless of bumps and conflicts in the days leading up to the show, the class of 2018 pulled it off and had two successful shows.

“The senior show was fun and it was a great bonding experience for all of the seniors,” senior Josh Goodman said. “We all came together as a whole to put on a show for parents and other students. It was just a great experience for our class.”

The seniors spent many hours together to get ready for this show.

“The show was a great bonding experience for our grade because we got to spend time with people we don’t usually get to be with,” senior Emily Pappas said.