UPDATED: Senior Assassin 2018 Live Updates


Credit: WSPN Staff

Assassin is a game and senior class tradition in which students must squirt water on other student targets in order to eliminate them. The top three finishers and assassin with the most kills will receive sizable cash prizes. WSPN will be updating this page throughout the game, so check back to see who’s still in and who has been eliminated.

Janani Gandhi

Every year, the senior class takes part in an annual tradition called Senior Assassin. Seniors who choose to participate use water guns to take out their given targets, and the game continues until there is one person left standing. This game is organized outside of school, and students are not allowed to play in any school buildings or in the parking lot. It is not school sponsored. In order to play, each senior must pay the organizers a $10 entry fee; at the end, the winner will receive a cash prize.

The game has officially started. Check back to this page for updates on who has been eliminated and who is still in. If a name is crossed out, that person has been eliminated. The name italicized in blue is the name of the person who eliminated the target.


Matt Clayton: 7

Kayla Mabe: 5

Abby Blumenfeld: 4

Adam Liszewski, Marjorie Ladas: 3

Nick D’Amico: 3



Eliminated: NameAssassin

Eliminated by default at the end of round 1 (did not eliminate their target): Name

Survived round 1: Name


Valerie AbalakaIan Reilly
Jay AbdellaKyla Denisevich
Salina Amanuel
Maya AnandKayla Mabe
Addison AnticoTimmy Durant
Christopher Balicki
Kobe Balson
Mackenzie Barber – Masha Yakhkind
Lindsey Barnard  Leah Scheidemantel
Alexandria Beer
Alex Bibby  Abby Blumenfeld 
Zachary Blumberg
Abby Blumenfeld
Jay Blumenfeld
Riley Bonner
Benjamin Bourget
Tyler Brient
Kathryn Brown – Jackie Stoller
Colby BryantLindsay Jacobs
Audreyanna Camacho – Peter Moore
Kyle Camphausen
Jack Cappellucci
Skyleen Centeio
Chance Champagne  Kara Whitesell
Matthew Clayton
Helen CliffDevin Morris
Sean Cribben
Matthew Curran
Jennifer Curran – Jacob Jenzeh
Evan Curtin
Nicholas D’Amico
Haydn Davies
Logan Dawson – Ryan Tapply
Amanda DeAngelis
Kyla Denisevich
Sean Devlin
Owen Donovan – Nick D’Amico 
Zackary Dresens
Timothy Durant
James Edmunds
Elijah Etienne
Patrick Fennelly
Margaret Fiske
Pauline Flanagan
Aidan GaragicMatt Clayton
Tiffany Gill
Isabel GittenDima Ilin
Andrew Glazer – Aaron Stone  
Zachary Goldstein
Maya Golod – Veja Kazlas
Yaniv Goren – Matt Clayton
Asa Greenaway – James Edmunds
Nia Greenidge – Amani Walker
Kevin Hodgdon – Sean Devlin
Kieran Ireland
Dmitry Ilin
Lindsay Jacobs
Jacob Jenzeh
Ella Johnson – Matt Clayton
Michael Jones
Matthew KarbowskiNick D’Amico
Robert Kashian
Veja Kazlas
Conor Keating
Kadar Kemp
Nehda Khadjenoori – Michael Jones
Andrew Kipp
Zachary Knapp – Riley Bonner
Marjorie Ladas
Brooke LaPierre
Aimee LaRochelle – Robert Kashian
Naomi Lathan – Sean Cribben
Daniel LavensonConor Keating
Darby Leid
Jamie LevinMarjorie Ladas
Lillian Lin – Savannah Salitsky
Adam Liszewski
Joseph Lydon
Joseph Lyons
Kayla Mabe
Madeline Malnight
Raphael Martinez – Darby Leid
Fiona McHarg  Peter Wolff
Marco Melero – Ryan Patterson
Kyle MillerTyler Brient
Oliver Moody
Peter Moore
Juliet Nadeau – Kayla Mabe
Jessica Nyiraboyi  Duncan Stephenson 
Manny Oliver – Nick D’Amico
Ryan Patterson – Andrew Kipp
Emily Pappas
Jeffrey Prince –  Zack Dresens
Ian Reilly
Hannah RobergeHaydn Davies
Benjamin Robinson
Tia Rogers
Lucas Rostler
Natalie RoussinaTia Rogers
Jordan RubinPatrick Fennelly 
Max Salgannik – Tyler Brient
Savannah Salitsky
Leah Scheidemantel
Maxine ScherzJoey Lydon
Daisy Shu
Thomas Simon
Mehar SinghTom Simon
Gabi Smith
Lauren Stahl – Gabi Smith
Isabel Steneri
Duncan Stephenson
Jacqueline Stoller
Aaron StoneMaxine Scherz
Ryan SwankeAdam Liszewski
Eileen Tam
Sam Tilley
Willa Tise – Michael Jones
Benjamin TravisAsa Greenaway
Vadim TrubetskoySalina Amanuel
Max ValoneAdam Liszewski
Cassandra Varnau
Megan VocaturaJuliet Nadeau
Olivia Waldron  Jack Cappellucci 
Amani Walker
Valentine Watson – Ben Travis
Kara Whitesell
Peter Wolff
Samuel WolffJay Blumenfeld
Spencer WongEmily Pappas
Masha Yakhkind


Abby Blumenfeld
Adam Liszewski
Amani Walker
Andrew KippVeja Kazlas
Conor Keating
Darby LeidKara Whitesell
Devin Morris
Dmitry Ilin
Duncan StephensonJackie Stoller
Emily PappasKayla Mabe
Gabrielle Smith
Haydn Davies
Ian ReillyRobert Kashian
Jacob JenzehMarjorie Ladas
Jackie StollerJack Cappellucci
James Edmunds
Jay Blumenfeld
Jack Cappellucci
Joseph LydonKayla Mabe
Kara Whitesell
Kayla Mabe
Kyla DenisevichMatt Clayton
Leah Scheidemantel
Lindsay JacobsDima Ilin
Marjorie Ladas
Masha YakhkindTia Rogers
Matthew Clayton
Matthew Curran
Michael Jones
Nia Greenidge
Nicholas D’AmicoHaydn Davies
Patrick Fennelly
Peter MooreMatt Curran
Peter WolffAbby Blumenfeld
Riley BonnerLeah Scheidemantel
Robert Kashian
Salina Amanuel
Savannah Salitsky – Matt Clayton
Sean Cribben
Sean DevlinSean Cribben
Thomas SimonPeter Moore
Tia Rogers
Timothy Durant
Tyler Brient
Veja Kazlas
Zachary BlumbergDevin Morris
Zackary DresensJack Cappellucci


Abby Blumenfeld
Adam Liszewski
Amani Walker
Devin MorrisMarjorie Ladas 
Dmitry Ilin
Haydn Davies
John CappellucciMatt Clayton
Kara Whitesell
Kayla Mabe
Leah Scheidemantel – Kayla Mabe
Marjorie Ladas
Matthew Clayton
Matthew Curran
Robert Kashian – Adam Liszewski
Salina Amanuel
Sean CribbenAbby Blumenfeld
Tia Rogers
Veja Kazlas


Abby Blumenfeld
Adam LiszewskiMatt Clayton
Kayla MabeMatt Clayton
Marjorie LadasAbby Blumenfeld
Matt ClaytonAbby Blumenfeld

Winner: Abby Blumenfeld

Most assassinations: Matt Clayton