‘Almost, Maine’ is here to watch


Credit: Nicole Erdekian

The WHS Theater Ensemble presents the spring play, “Almost, Maine.”

Nicole Erdekian

The WHS Theatre Ensemble will be performing the play, “Almost, Maine,” from May 3 to May 5 at 7:30 p.m. The play is a heartwarming story that takes place in the fictional town, Almost, Maine, at 9 p.m. on a Friday night, and simultaneously follows nine relationships.

Within in the play, there are eleven mini skits: the “Prologue,” “Her Heart,” “Sad and Glad,” “This Hurts,” “Getting it Back,” “They Fell,” “Where it Went,” “Story Of Hope,” and “Seeing The Thing.”

Each scene tells a different story of the town, and the characters’ personal struggles.

Seniors Logan Dawson, Shaelee Comettant and junior Alexa Calder give a preview and their reflections to the show.

“[The skits] all revolve around love, losing people, missing one another, and finding one another,” Calder said.

“Although [the play is] embedded with magical elements, [it’s] intended to show a very realistic representation of different emotions experienced through interactions with others,” Comettant said.

Comettant plays Sandrine and Dawson plays Jimmy in the scene, “Sad and Glad.” This skit is about the two exes that run into each other at a restaurant.

Because of the unique structure of the play, the dynamic of rehearsals has differed from the past.

“Each scene has their own characters and they don’t overlap. We rehearse less as a cast and more as scenes,” Comettant said.

Rehearsals were held once or twice a week for approximately two hours. However, due to sports, some students had to alter their rehearsal schedule. “Instead, we would come to parts of rehearsals and we would run our scene over the phone, outside of school, or during frees,” Commettant said.

“Almost, Maine,” is both Comettant’s and Dawson’s first WHS Theatre Ensemble play. The play helped Dawson grow as a person and an actor. Dawson starred as Seymour in WHSTE’s Little Shop of Horrors in the fall.

“It has given me more insight into acting, and has actually made me think about relationships differently when I think directly to my scene,” Dawson said.

For Comettant, theater helped her connect her artistic lifestyle with her theater lifestyle. “[From] being an artist and a writer, I’ve only had a two-dimensional outlet for representing and expressing an idea or a story, but ‘Almost, Maine’ has brought those two artistic outlets together.”

The cast of “Almost, Maine,” has put hard work into this unique play.

“The characterization in the show is incredible, even though each scene may seem simple, there’s so much behind the words for both the actors and audience to explore and discover about the characters,” Comettant said.