Prom preparation differs between boys and girls


Credit: WSPN

Seniors Ian Reilly and Kayla Mabe walk down the orange carpet at prom.

Abby Mitty

With prom right around the corner, preparations for one of the biggest events of junior year are in full effect. Technically, the only requirement at prom is to dress formally, but there is much more that goes into the process of preparing for prom. How girls and boys prepare for this special day is very different.

Junior Devon Perryman will be attending the prom with junior Michael Lampert. Perryman knew she would be attending prom with Lampert so she began preparing ahead of time.

“I bought my dress about four months ago,” Perryman said.

Along with ordering the dress, Perryman also arranged her hair, nails and makeup appointments leading up to prom. In order to make sure the timing was perfect, she had to make appointments many weeks prior.

“I go to my nail appointment a week before prom,” Perryman said. “I do hair and makeup the day of prom, and that’s it.”

Junior Eric Greene’s prom preparations began just about a month ago.

“I needed to get a tux, and then I had to do all the forms and hand those in, which is kind of annoying, but I got them done,” Greene said.

Greene asked his date, sophomore Melissa Tilley, about a month ago.

Even though preparation for prom varies between boys and girls, there’s also a variation between something more serious: price.

WSPN calculated the average price for a girl going to prom excluding the cost of a ticket. The algorithm included dresses varying from about $100 to $400, nail appointments, hair appointments, makeup appointments and sometimes spray tans. The study came to a conclusion that the average cost for a girl going to prom is about $500.

Greene, on the other hand, stated he spent about $250 on the rental of his tuxedo, and that was it.

Many girls spend the whole prom day prepping for the event with appointments that need to be timed perfectly in order to perfect the look.

Perryman’s prom day schedule will be jam-packed.  

“I’ll wake up early, take a shower and eat a good breakfast. Next, I’ll go to my makeup appointment, then I’ll go to my hair appointment,” Perryman said. “Then, I will get my dress on a little later and head to pre-prom.”

For Greene, however, the way he will get ready for prom will be just like how he gets ready for any other day.

“On the day of prom, I am gonna take a nice long shower, and then put my tux on and go,” Greene said.