Sports Junkies: Episode 2

Featuring special guests Duncan Stephenson, Sam Tilley, and Patrick Fennelly.


Credit: Peter Moore

Charlie Moore and CJ Brown

In the bi-weekly series Sports Junkies, WSPN’s Charlie Moore, and CJ Brown give their take on the state of national sports. In the second episode, their discussion includes the Red Sox, the NBA Offseason, and the future of WHS sports. Also joining them for a special post-season interview, Boy’s lacrosse Seniors, Duncan Stephenson, Sam Tilley, and superfan Patrick Fennelly. 


The Red Sox (1:25)

The World Cup (3:14)

The Patriots and the NFL (6:10)

NBA Offseason and Lebron (9:34)

The future of Wayland Sports (14:35)

Interview with Duncan, Sam, and Patrick (22:09)